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I Solemnly Swear to Snore No More


Wedding vows are a sacred set of words that eternally define your marriage. Sharing a life, home, and family is a big deal. Sharing a bed is a whole other level. The simple truth is if snoring exists everyone is affected and resentment can easily start to build. Whether you said your vows years ago or will take the plunge in the upcoming year, if you or your partner snores your wedding vows should go like this…




“I solemnly swear, to keep you up with my snoring,”


“…to sleep on the couch,”


“I’ll roll on my side,”


“…and keep the jabs to a minimum,”


“I’ll buy you earplugs,”


“…so I won’t smother you.”


“Til’ death do us part.”


“Til’ death do us part.”


Okay…maybe we exaggerated a bit. But consider this a warning to all you snorers out there – sleep divorce is real. And sorry gentlemen, but studies show that 44% of males are the snoring culprits compared to only 28% of females. If staying true to these Vows has been troublesome, then consider ADVENT your counselor. Here is your wake-up call.


What is Happening When I "Snore?"

The act of snoring is much like how a marriage progresses – the more comfortable you get the more you relax. That’s exactly what’s happening when you snore. As you slip from light sleep into a deep sleep the soft tissue in your throat relaxes and becomes an obstruction over your windpipe. As the air continues to pass over it, a hoarse sound comes out – snoring.


Tracking Your Sleeping Patterns

To combat this snoring, ADVENT creates a care plan exclusive to your needs. Upon your arrival, we determine your quality of breathing using The Breathing Triangle®. Typically – especially in the case of chronic snoring – we’ll recommend participating in a sleep study that’s done from the comfort of your home. To get the best results, the study requires you to sleep alone in your room. Let’s make sure this is one of the last days of having to do so.


Tired of Sleeping Alone

Once the sleep study has been assessed, your care provider will supplement the results with an in-office CT scan. Following the CT scan, you and your physician will sit down the same day and find the simple in-office solution that best fits your needs. The on-site procedures can take as little as 20 minutes before getting you back to the life you were meant to live, which may also include 20/20 breathing.


To hear first hand the life-changing effect this process can have on your life, watch Jessica's story. Then imagine the look on your partner's face when you tell them your plan to put your snoring to bed for good. 


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