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David’s Story

Fatigue and lack of sleep were defining David. He was finally able to get in the driver's seat and make informed decisions about his health. Here's his story:

“I didn't even know I was suffering from sleep apnea until I came in for treatment. I was tired all the time and it seemed like I never could get enough sleep. I was tired in the morning; tired in the afternoon; I was falling asleep at work; falling asleep at my desk and I just thought, ‘maybe this is what life is like in my mid-50s,’ but after talking to some other people, I found out it doesn't have to be this way and that's what led me to ADVENT.


I thought the care was excellent; all the way from the surgeon, all the way down to the email confirmations of appointments. Everything worked smoothly and very efficiently. I thought everyone was very informative because I didn't know what I was dealing with. I really enjoyed getting all the information and making informed decisions on what my care should be.


I started first with just a CPAP mask and that made a big change for me because I was finally getting more efficient sleep, but it was also clear that I wasn't breathing through my nose very well and was struggling to just breathe normally. It was almost like bad eyesight in that this came on over the years and I didn't notice it until they recommended the surgery and getting things cleared out.


Since the procedure, the quality of my life has changed dramatically. I'm much more alert. I'm much more focused. I can do my job better. I don't have to sleep as much as night. I've gone from nine, 10 hours a night, down to seven and I'm alert from the time I get up until the time I go to bed and I just find that I'm just in a much better state of mind all around.


I'd highly recommend ADVENT in that they really helped me, first of all, find out what the problem is and then find the right solution. I would say if you feel you're struggling with, you know, you're tired all the time; if you suspect you might have a problem or you're not breathing well, come and see them and let them care for you.”

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