CPAP: A Monster On Your Nightstand?

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October 28, 2021
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November 2, 2021

What scares you more:
Being woken up all hours of the night from your own snoring...or the unpredictable nightly battle with your CPAP machine?

Many people who suffer from broken airways hate having to choose between these two evils - and often know them as their only options.

The good news is ADVENT is here to put all your fears to rest. The CPAP doesn't have to be a scary, daunting undertaking. In addition, there are several other options that can ease your snoring problems.

CPAP: Monster or Machine?

CPAP Monster Or Machine

The CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure therapy, is a forced-air treatment that opens the airways that naturally collapse as we sleep. It's typically prescribed by sleep clinics to subdue heavy snoring and other symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

The CPAP has gotten quite a bad rap because it is treated as a one-size-fits-all solution for a not-one-size-fits-all problem. The reality is, the CPAP can work and be a fitting solution…

But only if your nose works like it's supposed to!

A CPAP machine can be much more tolerable and effective once you get your nose repaired and your airways function properly.

Fixing Your Broken Nose and Airways

Many ADVENT patients have found success by combining a CPAP machine with the results of an in-office procedure. Non-invasive procedures like balloon sinuplasty and turbinate reduction are effective treatment options for getting your nose working right.

Underdiagnosing and mistreating OSA is typically the most significant battle to be won when it comes to this disorder. Again, typically sleep clinics prescribe patients a CPAP and then expect them to adjust and figure out how to fit it into their lives on their own.

This leaves many patients feeling frustrated, unheard, and disappointed with their results. This is because the CPAP only treats the symptoms of OSA - snoring, gasping for air, intermittent breathing - rather than getting to the root causes of the issues.

These issues can be caused by enlarged turbinates, tonsils or uvulas, chronic infections and sinusitis, deviated septums, and too small airways. By fixing these problems directly, you can increase your success rate with a CPAP.

Fed Up With CPAP? Explore Alternatives To CPAP

If you still feel fed up with your CPAP, or refuse to give it go, there are other options in addition to surgical procedures available that can help you breathe better and get better rest.

An alternative device to a CPAP that you also use while you sleep is an oral appliance. This device fits much like a mouthguard and rests between your upper and lower teeth.

Sleep Apnea Machine CPAP

It pulls your lower jaw forward and prevents your tongue from relaxing into your throat and closing off your airway.

If you're a good candidate for a CPAP, you're likely a good candidate for an oral appliance. Typically, you will not find these at a sleep clinic and will need to visit a sleep dentist to be prescribed one.

You Can Beat Sleep Apnea

Sleep is a vital component of your overall health, and it affects everything from your immune system to your moods and mental health to preventing heart disease and memory loss.

It's imperative that you prioritize good sleep - and good sleep means healthy and productive oxygen flow. Whether or not you've decided to give up on utilizing the CPAP, you mustn't give up on finding a sleep solution that works for you and fits your lifestyle! Call ADVENT today; we'll help you find the right answers.

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October 28, 2021
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CPAP: A Monster On Your Nightstand?