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The little-known sinus & snoring secret: If you’re one of the millions who needlessly suffer with constant fatigue from breathing or sleep issues, it could be because your nose isn’t working correctly. It’s not your fault. Nobody told you breathing through your mouth isn’t normal…or healthy. But when the two sides of your nose and throat – also called The Breathing Triangle® – are compromised in any way, it can lead to a lifetime of sinus, snoring, and sleep apnea agony.

You don’t have to live this way. We’ve pioneered simple office-based treatments that will help you breathe freely through your nose – day and night. You get healthy restful sleep and newfound energy throughout the day.

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How it works

3 steps to sinus & snoring relief:

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    1: Book Your Appointment

    It’s easy! Book online in less than 60 seconds. Your first visit is only 30 minutes.

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    2: Solutions Designed For You

    No temporary fixes. We’ll uncover the root of your issue and find the solution that’s right for you.

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    3: Breathe Freely 24/7

    Enjoy more energy, restful sleep and finally live the life you deserve.

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Our Exclusive Focus

Your Breathing Triangle

Our board-certified medical providers aren’t distracted by generalities. Their specialties are narrowed to one singular focus: The Breathing Triangle® – the two sides of your nose and throat. These are the most important passages in your body because they are the gateway to your airway. And this is where the answers to your sinus and snoring issues live.We’re the only ENT medical practice with this laser focus, allowing us to pioneer simple in-office solutions that have been massively impactful for our 31,000+ patients…and counting.

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    Drs. Madan & Gwen Kandula founded ADVENT in 2004 as an alternative to conventional ENT practices. They have become known as medical mavericks who have pioneered simple in-office treatment options for Breathing Triangle issues.

    We've helped 31,000+ people live better

    "They fixed my snoring...and my sleep divorce."
    - Jessica
    "Today, life is just better."
    - Andy
    "I wish I had done it 20 years ago!"
    - Alan
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    (2100+ Reviews)

    The reality of ADVENT's Breathing Triangle® solutions

    92% of Patients left ADVENT a 4 or 5 star review on Google
    +88 Net Promoter Score for ADVENT
    83% CPAP Compliance rate for ADVENT patients
    92% of Patients left ADVENT a 4 or 5 star review on Google+88 Net Promoter Score for ADVENT83% CPAP Compliance rate for ADVENT patients

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