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Are Your Sinus & Snoring Issues Causing...

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    Sleep Apnea
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    Runny/Stuffy Nose
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    Night Time Congestion
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    Sinus Infections
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    Chronic Headaches
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    Sleep Divorce
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    Dry Mouth
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    CPAP Frustration

The simple truth is, if you've been struggling with any of these issues, the problem most likely lies within your Breathing Triangle — the area behind your nose and mouth. Simply put, your airway and sinuses. If any of these areas are not working properly, it can leave you feeling broken and miserable.

That's why we're the ONLY ENT that has an exclusive focus on your Breathing Triangle and why we've pioneered simple in-office solutions to combat these nagging issues.

How it works

3 steps to sinus & snoring relief:

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    1: Book Your Appointment

    It’s easy! Book online in less than 60 seconds. Your first visit is only 30 minutes.

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    2: Solutions Designed For You

    No temporary fixes. We’ll uncover the root of your issue and find the solution that’s right for you.

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    3: Breathe Freely 24/7

    Enjoy more energy, restful sleep and finally live the life you deserve.

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Problems solved for:
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    Snoring = Gone
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    Can Breathe Through His Nose
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    No More CPAP
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    Sleeps All Night
"The procedure was quick; went boom, boom, boom and it was all done! I was able to ditch my CPAP...I wish I had done it 20 years ago!"

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(2100+ Reviews)

ADVENT is a nationally recognized pioneer in ENT medicine. We specialize in office-based Breathing Triangle solutions for nasal blockage, sinus, snoring and sleep apnea health concerns.

ADVENT's newest clinic is in Plover, WI.

Our Exclusive Focus

The Exclusive ADVENT Patient Journey® To Sinus, Snoring, and Sleep Apnea Relief:

    Your first visit

    You'll talk with a provider about your symptoms and your goals. You'll also get a thorough Breathing Triangle Evaluation, including a close look inside of your nose and throat. If you have sleep apnea concerns, you may get a simple at home sleep study.

      Discover The Root Cause

      You'll get a super-fast CT scan so we can see exactly what is going on with your nose & sinuses. It only takes 20-seconds, but it allows us to understand what's truly causing your sinus, snoring or sleep apnea issues.

        It's Procedure Day!

        Depending on your treatment plan, you may get a simple 20-minute in-office procedure like balloon sinuplasty or turbinate reduction. Most patients have virtually zero downtime.

          Finally, Breathe Freely & Sleep Well

          You'll talk with a provider about your symptoms and your goals. You'll also get a thorough Breathing Triangle Evaluation, including a close look inside of your nose and throat. If you have sleep apnea concerns, you may get a simple at home sleep study.

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          2100+ reviews
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          Simple ENT Solutions to Your Sinus & Snoring Issues…

          There's no need to continue suffering with your debilitating sinus headaches and constant struggle to breathe at night. Why, you ask? Because we've proven that our simple, 20-minute in-office procedures can help fix these issues. And best of all, there is usually very little downtime!

          Balloon Sinuplasty — This simple procedure includes a balloon catheter inserted into the nasal passage and slightly expanded. This virtually painless treatment creates more room in the sinuses so that they can drain properly.

          Turbinate Reduction — Turbinates help cleanse and humidify the air that passes through your nostrils. Sometimes they're simply too large for your nose or they can become inflamed by irritants or allergies. A turbinate reduction is a simple procedure that opens up the airways to allow air to flow more freely through the nose.

          Problems solved for:
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            Can Taste & Smell Again
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            Nasal Breather
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            Chronic Stuffy Nose = Gone
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            Full Night's Sleep
          "Since my procedure, my quality of life is 1000x better. I can taste, smell, and breathe out of my nose. Everything they said they were going to do...happened!"

          Insurance is complex.
          We make it simple.

          For most insurance, we're in-network and you don't need a referral.

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            We'll give you options should you have any financial concerns

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