Your work. Your life.


Simply stated, ADVENT is a medical practice that helps people live better with simple in-office sinus and snoring solutions. With that we’ve created a culture that allows you to learn, grow, perform meaningful work and enjoy a healthy work life balance.



Professional Services

Like four points of a compass, each of ADVENT’s core values are powerful, and all work together to propel each of us forward.


Uncompromising Excellence
We have a solutions-focused mindset and drive to be an alternative to conventional medical care


Stoic Maverick
We question everything and focus our energy on only the things we can change.


We’re indebted to our team and patients to remain in existence by being effective, efficient and fiscally responsible.


Golden Rule
We are considerate and believe entitlement is our kryptonite

Growth Opportunities

We encourage you to grow with us - sponsored training and continued education


Competitive wages, generous PTO, true work/life balance, 401K

Team Collaboration

We understand that the individual is made better by a well-functioning team

“ADVENT understands the role of advanced practice providers and allows me to enjoy the benefits of both autonomous practice as well as a team based approach to health care.”

Kelsey, Physician Assistant

“ADVENT is different because of the kind, supportive, motivating staff and I feel like my opinions and voice matter.”

Anna, Patient Services Supervisor

“ADVENT allows me to live my best life with a healthy work/life balance. This allows me to be a productive employee as well as focus on being the best Mom and Wife that I can be.”

Connie, Medical Billing Specialist

“ADVENT continues to seek out and utilize the latest, minimally invasive technologies that you won’t find at other practices to treat patients.”

Jennifer, Physician Assistant

“A lot of people dread coming to work because of the environment that they are working in. ADVENT is different in the sense that you come to work, and you’re working with your friends, who eventually become like family to you.”

Marisa, Treatment Coordinator

“ADVENT allows me to live my best life by understanding me, as a person, not just an employee.”

Marie, Medical Assistant

“Every day at ADVENT I know we are making a difference in peoples lives. There is no better feeling.”

Kayla, Treatment Coordinator

Simple In-Office Solutions for Sinus & Snoring Relief

There you are standing in the pharmacy aisle again, looking at hundreds of medications to relieve your sinus and snoring issues. At ADVENT, we believe breathing shouldn’t have to be this hard and neither should finding relief. By listening to each patient’s health concerns and goals and with an evaluation of The Breathing Triangle®, we’re…


What is a Nasolaryngoscopy?

The nose and mouth are incredibly complex areas of the body. To you, they’re three holes in your head to breathe, smell and eat with. But, to an Otolaryngologist or ENT doctor, they’re a wonderland of cavities, turbinates, the pharynx, palate and much more.   When you’re not breathing freely or sleeping well, you’re caught…

Athlete Andy Testimonial

Athlete Highlight: Andy’s Story

Andy wasn’t breathing well and stuck in a cycle of temporary fixes and pharmacy visits. See how this athlete got ahead of the game. “My name’s Andy. Athlete.   I’m a late 40-year-old guy that’s just trying to stay healthy. Now, I’m not anything fast, but just keep on chugging along.   I’ve always have…

At Home Sleep Study

At Home Sleep Study: How it Works & What to Expect

Whether you or your partner are struggling with snoring, sleep apnea or an ill-fitting CPAP mask, you know the toll it’s taking on your quality of life. Your relationships, work and your overall focus on life are suffering and you finally hit your limit.   After you’ve made an appointment to get your sleep concerns…

ADVENT interview photo

A Non-Traditional Approach to Healthcare Hiring

When it comes to hiring, ADVENT’s approach to healthcare employment ensures a positive and rewarding experience, and that we’re hiring the right fit for you. It takes time, patience and determination to land a new role. Whether you’re looking for the next professional step or you’re stepping into the workforce for the first time, we’ve…

Dr. Justin Wittkopf

“My first step is to listen and understand your goals. This allows me to provide the guidance you deserve to find the right solution for you.”   PROFESSIONAL With over ten years of experience, Justin Wittkopf, MD, brings a patient-first mentality to ADVENT. An Iowa native, Dr. Wittkopf received his undergraduate in Zoology from Iowa…