Sleep Apnea is an Intruder

Saying sleep apnea is an intruder is scary, but it's time to tell the true story of the life or death consequences of this disease.
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September 10, 2020
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April 6, 2022

The Truth About Sleep Apnea

Painting a picture that sleep apnea is an intruder that sneaks into your bedroom while you sleep is scary -- but it's time to tell the truth and bring awareness to the deadly impact of this disease.

You might think nothing would stand in the way of seeking treatment for a potential deadly disease.  But what if you were unaware?  This is reality for approximately 17.6 million people* who go to sleep every night and unknowingly gasp for air up to 100 times per hour while sleeping.

This is sleep apnea shutting down your airway, robbing your body -- your lungs, your heart, your brain -- of the oxygen it needs to function properly.  This nightly fight-or-flight mode drops a warning sign of constant fatigue or heavy snoring, but too often it's dismissed or treated with a gimmick that doesn't address the root issue.

Sadly 80% of people with obstructed sleep apnea (OSA) go undiagnosed* and without proper treatment life expectancy is shortened and serious health diseases are likely.  This brings undue stress to families every day and countless lifetime moments -- weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, births -- are missed because of a loved one gone too soon.

Comorbidity# of People in U.S. with Undiagnosed OSA and Comorbidity (Millions) Hypertension14,100,000Heart Disease3,100,100Diabetes5,600,000Asthma and Other Breathing Disorders5,900,000Insomnia6,800,000Depression, Anxiety and Other Mental Health Problems8,700,000

A big misfortune is the US healthcare system, where the focus is on treating acute illnesses, not chronic conditions like sleep apnea.  Most suffers of sleep apnea are handed a "one size fits all" solution (CPAP) that more often than not, does not work.  This is why 78% of CPAP users don't actually use it as intended.  Unfortunately, this leaves these people untreated and in a cycle of frustration.  This isn't right… which is why we're on a mission to tell the true story of sleep apnea and shine a light on the impact it has on the millions of innocent, unknowing people it victimizes every night.  Hopefully this will help throw #SLEEPtember2020 into the lime light so the American Sleep Apnea Association can achieve their goals to...

  • Show the connections between OSA and other comorbid health conditions.
  • Raise awareness of the public health impact of sleep disorders.
  • Highlight the necessity of patient-designed research.

We understand this is a hard message to hear, but just like it's uncomfortable to talk about mental health -- we now know it's important to take it out of the darkness. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) still lives in the darkness and needs to be brought into the light to help educate the millions of unaware sufferers and their loved ones.

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September 10, 2020
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Sleep Apnea is an Intruder