PODCAST: The Marriage between Dentistry and ENT

Dr. Madan Kandula joins Howard Farren's Dentristry Uncensored podcast to talk about the fight against sleep apena and ADVENT's role as a solution.
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February 6, 2020
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February 6, 2020

President and Founder, Madan Kandula, MD, sits down with the host of Dentistry Uncensored, Howard Farren, to talk about the innovative techniques geared towards helping the rising number of people suffering from sleep apnea.

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The connection between dentists and otolaryngologists is commonly exercised when it comes to dealing with several patient issues. It's not uncommon for referrals to be made for one area of expertise from the other due to the anatomic build of our nose and throat. With a shared extensive knowledge of the airways, their collaboration can play a major part in diagnosing and treating disorders that concern issues of pain as well as nighttime breathing (e.g. sleep apnea). Listen to Dr. Kandula's podcast appearance to learn a little bit more about sleep apnea and why it's a problem not to be taken lightly.

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First published by ADVENT on
February 6, 2020
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PODCAST: The Marriage between Dentistry and ENT