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Kristen’s Life at ADVENT

Physician Assistant Kristen was searching for a parallel between work and her personal life. A career at ADVENT was able to provide that. Here's her story:

"I'd like to share my story about ADVENT.


My name is Kristen Dudas. I've been a Physician Assistant since 2001. I've been a Physician Assistant at ADVENT since 2015.


I have three children ages 14, 12, and ten. I have a passion for triathlon. Throughout my career I have sought positions that optimize the time I can spend with my kids and allow me to train for my triathlon.


My initial encounter with ADVENT is when a group of their audiologists and staff, including Dr. Gwen Kandula, provided and educational presentation to a clinic I was working at. I was struck by their professionalism and their personal interaction with each other. Although we were hosting them, I immediately felt like I was their pampered guest. I thought to myself immediately, I want to work with that group of professionals.


Ultimately, I want my career to provide personal fulfillment. Something started to resonate with me, this is who these people are, this is what their values are, and this is what they believe in. It's rewarding to find a parallel between my work and life and their values connected that with me. It's rewarding to find and discover a parallel between my work and my life, their core values were connecting that for me. I want to be a present mother for my children. That's sustainability. I want to continue to fuel my passion for triathlon; that stoic maverick mentality. I want to work in an environment that's stimulating; that's in alignment with my personal intentions and that allows opportunity for individual expansion as uncompromising excellence. I want to make a difference in someone else's life; the golden rule.


ADVENT's founders Drs. Madan and Gwen Kandula, in my opinion, are innovative, unconventional, creative, kind, and expanding. They have inspired me with their vision. You can say I had a bit of an enlightenment. Advent knows when you breathe better, you live better. My triathlon coach Jill Summers said, 'Breath is so vital to aliveness everywhere, both on and off the field.' I am super excited in this, collision of sorts, between my PA role at Advent and my personal world of triathlon."

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