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Hilda’s Story: “I Didn’t Realize My Symptoms Until They Were Gone!”

“I didn’t know I had a problem with breathing until I came to ADVENT.” 

Hilda didn’t come to ADVENT to fix her breathing problems. Hilda came to ADVENT as an employee, her first job as a CMA (certified medical assistant). 

It’s very easy for us to write off the things we experience and suffer through on a daily basis. 

Wake up gasping for air? I must just be overweight.

Always tired during the day? I just have to go to bed earlier.

Deal with frequent sinus infections? It’s just that time of year.

Wake up with a dry mouth? I must just be dehydrated.

Suffer from headaches every day? It must just be a brain tumor.

Yep, the simplest explanations to the most extremes.

Just as Hilda had, many who experience these symptoms head to their general physician and are sent off with antibiotics and nasal sprays, and CPAP machines — all designed to treat the symptoms rather than the root causes. 

Hilda continued to face daily grogginess, waking up with a dry mouth and requiring a bottle of water at her bedside, frequent headaches, and constant congestion. She questioned if she maybe had sleep apnea because she was coughing and gasping for air in the middle of the night. 

After being employed with ADVENT for some time, Hilda attended one of our seminars, where we covered the most common issues and causes of breathing problems. Soon after this realization, we dove right into her diagnosis and treatment. One side of her nose was blocked entirely, and she did not have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Even after the four years since her sinus surgery, she calls her procedure a “game-changer.”    

“After just one week, I had no more headaches. I didn’t even realize all of my symptoms until they were gone.” 

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