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Dave’s Story

Dave was experiencing sinus congestion. He was finally able to put down the nose spray and find a real solution to his problem. Here's his story:

“I was having a lot of sinus and congestion issues. I was having sinus infections, headaches and all of that and a lot of congestion. I heard some commercials for the doctor here and I thought, ‘let's give this a shot.’


Everybody was very helpful and they certainly knew their stuff. Since the procedure, I've had a lot less down-time related to my nose and things like that. Colds; sore throats; everything has gotten much better since I had the work done.


My quality of life now is definitely improved because I'm not taking nose spray that I shouldn't be and I'm able to actually breathe just about all day, which makes a big difference. Not having to worry really about when the next sinus issue is going to arise and what am I going to do about it. So, all that's been taken care of.


For anyone who is having issues and they’re not sure what it is, it's certainly worth the effort to at least come in and see what the opinion is. They might find out that they have a different problem or that it's possible that their problem could be taken care of. So, I think it's certainly worth the effort to come in and check things out.”

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