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CPAP Frustrations: One Size Fits None

CPAP Frustration One Size Fits None

If you suffer from the side effects of sleep apnea and you’ve sought treatment at a big-box healthcare facility or sleep center, you likely had the same experience as millions of other Americans.


It probably looked something like this…

You sought treatment from a clinic that then instructed you to get a sleep study.

Regardless of what is learned from the sleep study, you are prescribed a CPAP machine with do-it-yourself instructions.

You are sent home to succeed or fail on your own.

Your initial efforts at getting acclimated to this new device lead to discomfort, unrestful sleep and utter frustration.

It’s not your fault. The system is broken...

This one-size-fits-all approach is lazy and inefficient...and worst of all it completely skips the obvious and critical step of an anatomical examination. Patients are being advised to strap a CPAP device to an airway that may be compromised! It’s no wonder why most people who are prescribed a CPAP, struggle terribly with it.

At ADVENT, we approach things differently...

We start by examining your Breathing Triangle® — the area where your airway intersects with your nose and throat. Once we know what is causing your problem, we’ll work to understand what your individual goals are, and only then, design a treatment plan unique to your anatomy, your issue, and your goals.

You’ll find effective snoring and sleep apnea solutions that cater to your unique needs and solve the true root of your problem.

With the basic, big-box treatments, one-size-fits-all translates to one-size-fits-none. We’re designing new solutions that get to the root causes of snoring and sleep apnea that gets you your life back — and back to better sleep.

Get to the Root Cause of Your Sinus & Snoring Issues: