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Common Questions
Answered by Real Patients

We asked ADVENT patients to answer some of the most common questions we get about in-office procedures. Here’s what they had to say:

What do you think is the hardest part of the procedure?

“There was no hard part of the procedure at all! It has been utterly life changing. I haven’t used any sinus sprays or over-the-counter meds since then. My breathing is 90% since then! The only inconvenience was doing the sinus rinses 3 times a day...I don’t snore at all anymore!” ~ Jeffrey J.

“Right after, I went right back to work. You need a few days to just chill… You’re not in a lot of pain but you’re still groggy and you sound like you have a good cold.” ~ Joanne L.

“Immediately after the procedure, it was shocking the length of the nasal cotton that was placed. No concerns or hard parts to the procedure.” ~ Andrew T.

“Sitting through the procedure and getting the scabs taken out after.” ~ Tiffany T.

“The bad taste from the numbing spray and the anti-anxiety medication had me very sedated.” ~ Debra U.

“Dealing with the drainage for the first post-procedure week. Lots of tissue. But generally, very easy.” ~ Lawrence K.

What is something you wish you knew prior to your procedure?

“I wish I knew about you guys 5 years ago!” ~ Jeffrey J.

“Everything was explained to me and procedure had no surprises.” ~ Susan R.

“A sinus infection could occur after the procedure, during the healing process.”
~ Andrew T.

“Nothing surprised me, I feel everything was explained well.” ~ Lawrence K.

How did you feel immediately after the procedure?

“I didn’t feel anything. I noticed the difference in my breathing right away.”
~ Jeffrey J.

“I felt good after the procedure, much better than expected. I was surprised how good I felt.” ~ Susan R.

“A little sore.” ~ Tiffany T.

“Pretty sedated and sleepy. I was not feeling any pain.” ~ Debra U.

“Felt like I had a cold.” ~ Lawrence K.

What should you expect the first few days after?

“To be able to breathe.” ~ Tiffany T.

“You're stuffed up and feels like a cold, but that was expected.” ~ Andrew T.

“Stuffiness & drainage.” ~ Susan R.

“You have to do the regimen, the sinus rinses. It isn’t a pleasant experience but if you don’t you are damaging the procedure.” ~ Joanne L.

“You can expect to be blowing your nose a lot, and will blow some bloody drainage out. Also, you will not be able to smell very well.” ~ Lawrence K.

“You might be a little tired and feel some congestion.” ~ Debra U.

Anything else you would add to tell someone who is thinking of going through this process?

“I am 100% glad I did it. I had sinus infections constantly. Everyone told me there is nothing to do. I have not had a migraine or sinus infections since I had the procedure done. My kids are surprised I stay outside, I can exercise because I can breathe! It’s not a scary procedure, and it didn’t take long at all!” ~ Joanne L.

“Do not hesitate!” ~ Jeffrey J.

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