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Chronic Runny Nose Solution
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March 22, 2021
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March 24, 2021

Dr. Madan Kandula went on The Morning Blend to talk about a groundbreaking procedure that treats chronic runny noses in minutes.

Molly (00:07):

Welcome back sleep well, breathe well. It is our continuing series with ADVENT. Most people with allergies dread seasonal changes. It's the runny nose, sneezing congestion, but there is a way to stop the suffering and save on all those Kleenex. Dr. Madan Kandula is the CEO and founder of ADVENT. He is here with a groundbreaking procedure to treat chronic sinus issues in just minutes. Hey doctor.

Dr. Kandula (00:32):

Hey, how you doing?

Molly (00:33):

I'm doing good. I think this about right now as we've had some warmer weather, is when people are starting to feel those seasonal changes and feeling the runny nose and the sneezing and all that stuff.

Dr. Kandula (00:46):

Yeah. Yeah. I mean you know, some folks have it year-round many folks have it at the change of the season. It doesn't necessarily matter which change of season and really what it is. If somebody's got allergy issues, it's, it's the body moving things in through the nose and the body misidentifies those as enemies. So pollen or dust or ragweed, those sorts of things. Any of those that are misidentified, the body says, "Hey, there's trouble. We should shut it down. We should make a runny nose, sneezy, itchy, just get it out." But the problem is it's a case of mistaken identity.

Molly (01:16):

Yeah. And I wonder how many people suffer from this in terms of it being chronic. A lot of people will have a runny nose from time to time, but how, how many people actually have it as a chronic issue?

Dr. Kandula (01:27):

Yeah. Almost one in 10 adults have this as a chronic issue, just the runny nose part. And then, you know, the same number of folks have the allergy issues on top of that. So it's millions and millions of individuals who are just suffering and the reality is they're suffering needlessly in this day and age.

Molly (01:42):

So as you see people in your office and you examine people who are complaining about this chronic problem what is it that you feel is the root cause? What's making them feel that way so often?

Dr. Kandula (01:54):

Yeah. I mean, generally speaking, if somebody's got an issue in their nose, whether it's allergy issues, runny nose any of those things, it's one of two things. Either the anatomy is not opening up, so there's not enough room in there-those are the sort of stuffy nose folks-or the lining is irritated, and those are the running, sneezy, itchy, irritated folks. Many individuals have both of those things going on, and unfortunately whether you have a lining issue or an anatomy issue, medications are a band-aid that you can sort of slap on it, but they never get to the root cause of what's going on.

Molly (02:25):

So at ADVENT, you're known for doing innovative things, things that are effective. And I wonder because people are so excited to hear that there might be a procedure that can be done in office because they know they're going to probably recover so much faster. Are there solutions to this problem that you can do right in your office?

Dr. Kandula (02:45):

Yeah, absolutely. So this is groundbreaking. We can in the office reset the nerve that is creating the issue. Somebody has that runny nose, or sneezy, itchy, any of those allergy issues, as well. What's happening is, like I said, it's a case of mistaken identity and the nerve that's coming in is saying, turn the floodgates on. And so what we can do nowadays, there's a procedure called cryotherapy with ClaraFix. And literally it's an office-based procedure. We just numb up the lining on the inside of the nose. We're using a device to get to the root cause of where this is coming from, and literally on the surface we're freezing that area for 30 seconds. So, you know, it's just that simple. When we do that, just like you, if you have a computer that's misbehaving and acting up, well, what do you do? You shut it down and then you're bringing it back online and magically oftentimes that's the, that's the magic trick. And so for folks who suffer with these issues, if we can shut that nerve down temporarily, and then when it comes back online magically many of the times, almost all the time, 80 to 90% of the time, these issues are resolved. And that's a remarkable thing.

Molly (03:48):

I don't want to oversimplify it, but by going in and freezing that tissue, are you sort of like shrinking it so that it's no longer an issue? Or is it more about desensitizing it?

Dr. Kandula (03:58):

It's more like desensitizing it. This procedure doesn't shrink tissue down. What it does do is it takes that nerve, and the nerve is just beneath the surface there, and so we freeze that area. It literally is taking the smallest segment of the nerve, freezing it, and then what ends up happening is that nerve has to regenerate itself. And when it does, it tends to do it in an orderly fashion. So it's, it's pretty remarkable. We can do this in combination with other procedures that we do. So we have many procedures like balloon sinuplasty that open up passageways. So it's kind of a nice one, two punch of getting things open and making sure that that lining is calm.

Molly (04:32):

Is it painful afterwards? I'm wondering how long the recovery is when you do that, the procedure we just looked at in that video.

Dr. Kandula (04:38):

Yeah. It's usually pretty low key. I mean, it's weird having your nose numbed up. Most folks walk out like nothing happened, rare individuals about one in 10 folks will have a headache that they deal with that day, but that's sort of rare and generally speaking a small price to pay for the results. And it's been very, very remarkable in the few years we've been doing this.

Molly (04:58):

This is so exciting because of how many people you mentioned experience chronic sinus issues. How would somebody know? Like, how would I know if I'm a good candidate for that?

Dr. Kandula (05:09):

I'd say if you're irritated by your nose and you're kind of at your wit's end, you're probably a good candidate for this. It's pretty much that simple, whether it's runny nose, sneezy, itchy, any of those things, if those things are bothering you and the typical treatments aren't working for you, or you're looking for a root cause solution you likely are a really good candidate.

Molly (05:28):

What I think is also wonderful, speaking of simple and easy is how easy it is for someone to make an appointment online with you.

Dr. Kandula (05:36):

Yeah. We try to make it as simple as possible. These issues are hard enough and you know, people are tired of suffering. So it's literally as easy as going to the website and a couple of clicks, you've got an appointment and we can figure out what's going on and get you one step closer to relief.

Molly (05:48):

I love it. I'm going to tell people how to do that now. Thank you so much. Dr. Kandula.

Dr. Kandula (05:51):

Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Molly (05:54):

I appreciate your time. All right. Go to to schedule an appointment in real-time in less than 60 seconds. How easy is that? Most insurances are accepted and no referral actually is required. ADVENT has locations in Wauwatosa, Mequon, Oconomowoc, Oak Creek and Pleasant Prairie to serve you.

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March 22, 2021
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