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Bill’s Story

Powering through a sinus infection is draining and painful. Bill is now sleeping and breathing better. Here's his story:

“I was having repeated severe sinus infections. I would try to power through it. It's just so draining when you feel that way and you're constantly in pain and it's exhausting. It's hard to concentrate.


The very first time I came in here, the staff was just wonderful. I didn't feel like if I wasn't feeling right that I couldn't pick up the phone and call here and somebody would either talk to me or suggest that I come in and see the doctor. That was important. It really calmed the whole process.


I honestly never thought that there would be that big of a difference from how much pain and discomfort that I was in. It's amazing that, that could make such a change in such a short period of time.


I had more energy. I was breathing better. I was sleeping better and a lot of that I think had to do with the fact that from the surgery, I wasn't constantly in pain, so I wasn't stressed out about that. I wasn't fighting or trying to get rid of what it was I had so my energy level was higher. Obviously, being that I was sleeping better, I had more energy during the day. I was breathing better.


I would tell anybody that was suffering to give it a shot because it's made just a world of difference for me; how I feel; how I think; my days are so much better. It's definitely something that would be up there on the list of telling them to look at.”

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