ADVENT CT Scans on The Morning Blend

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October 4, 2021
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December 30, 2021

Tiffany from The Morning Blend had the opportunity to walk through a typical CT scan at ADVENT to give viewers a glimpse into what they can expect and learn from this game-changing visit for anyone suffering from sinus, snoring, or sleep apnea issues…

[Tiffany] Hey everyone, I'm at ADVENT. Today I'm going to walk you through a CT scan of sinuses. Check this out.

[Dana] Welcome. All right. So we're going to get your CT scan today. This will be the next step in your journey. Hopefully you'll get some results today.

[Tiffany] Thank you. I'm excited to see it. It's cool.

Dana. I'm so excited to be here. You're a CT tech. I've been in for my new patient appointment, and this is another step in the evaluation of my sinuses. So tell me what someone would expect when they come here for a CT scan.

[Dana] Yeah. So this is our CT scan right behind me here. And this is what we use to take a deeper look inside your sinuses.

[Tiffany] It's pretty cool. I mean, this does not look like something I've seen in a typical doctor office before.

[Dana] Yeah, exactly.

This will get the same pictures that we would get at the hospital just at a much lower dose, about a tenth of the radiation you would get at the hospital. But we get the same pictures and we are able to get a good look inside.

[Tiffany] That is really cool. OK, so tell me some of the benefits, because if- we're going to do a CT scan, right?

[Dana] Mm-hmm.

[Tiffany] So once we do that, what are some of the things that you'll be able to tell about my sinuses or a patient that comes to see you?

[Dana] Yeah. We'll also be able to evaluate like mucosal thickening in your sinuses, if you're septum is deviated, polyps...

[Tiffany] See, that's, I think, invaluable, right? I mean, this is actually a full showing of what's going on inside of your of your triangle, as I learned last time, The Breathing Triangle®

[Dana] Exactly. Yup. It takes a really deep dive inside your sinuses. So something that we wouldn't be able to evaluate from the outside.

[Tiffany] OK, so do I get to do a CT scan?

[Dana] Yep. We're going to do a CT scan today.

[Tiffany] All right.

[Dana] Yeah. So first step will be to take your earrings out. And then we're going to step over here.

[Tiffany] OK

[Dana] You're going to place your chin on that little platform and then hold these handlebars right in front of you.

All right, then I'm going to step out.

[Tiffany] OK.

[Dana] So this just really gives us a better look inside of your sinuses. So we're looking at nasal obstruction, chronic sinusitis, bony structures in your face. There's multiple things.

Great. OK, we're all set. You can step on back.

[Tiffany] Easy.

That was super simple.

[Dana] Less than a minute.

[Tiffany] Well, and I love the fact that you said that there's less radiation, because I think that means a lot to people to know that it's so low. But what also means a lot is you get same day results.

[Dana] Same day. So the moment we take your pictures, once we're done, we'll head to an exam room. And one of the providers will be able to walk you through those images and talk to you about what they see.

[Tiffany] See, that's incredible. And so often, isn't it true that you're going to be able to tell what's causing sinus issues or sleep issues just from doing this kind of scan?

[Dana] Sure. Yeah. We're getting to the root of your problem, seeing how your anatomy is affecting your day to day.

[Tiffany] That's cool. There's a lot of people, I feel that come after having dealt with so many issues for so many years. You're able to then take those results and tell them the root of the problem.

[Dana] Yeah. So what people don't realize is about 70 to 80 percent of people with snoring or sleep apnea issues actually have sinus problems.

[Tiffany] Wow. So then if they've done a sleep study or they've done the initial new patient appointment and they do this, you're getting a full picture once they meet with a physician.

[Dana] Oh, yeah, definitely.

[Tiffany] I think that's incredible. It's something that I feel like is so unique that you guys offer. Do you feel you hear that a lot from patients?

[Dana] Oh, yeah. The biggest thing is people can't believe they're getting the results the same day. So we're getting them on track to breathing better and living better and all that good stuff.

[Tiffany] Absolutely. I think it's so cool. So next steps, then you get the CT scan and then would you sit down with a physician?

[Dana] Correct. Yep. You'd sit down with the provider. They'd walk through the images with you, talk to you about different treatment options that we provide here at ADVENT, most of which can be done in office within as little as 20 minutes.

So, yeah, they'll give you what they recommend and then we'll set you up with a treatment coordinator and pick a date for you.

[Tiffany] Can you believe that after people live with issues their entire lives, they could truly get to the root of the problem and fix them in 20 minutes?

[Dana] Oh, yeah, that's great. Great.

[Tiffany] I bet you save, like, relationships, friendships...

[Dana] Yeah.

[Tiffany] People probably feel like a new person.

[Dana] Yeah.

[Tiffany] I think that's incredible. So from here what's the first step? People should do a new patient appointment?

[Dana] New patient appointment. Yep. They'll evaluate you, see what your main concern is and then they'll go from there.

[Tiffany] That's incredible. Do you take insurance?

[Dana] The CT scan is covered by most insurances

[Tiffany] I love that, and no referrals. I think it's incredible.

[Dana] Yeah, that's the biggest part.

[Tiffany] Don't need it. You can just come on in.

[Dana] Call us up.

[Tiffany] Fantastic. Thank you so much, Dana. This was invaluable, truly.

[Dana] Great.

[Tiffany] Appreciate it.

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October 4, 2021
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