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There's no place (to sleep) like home

Transitioning to life where you spend most, if not all, of your time indoors has been a difficult adjustment for all of us. But one thing that we would rather do at home than do anywhere else is sleep. The joy of crawling into your own bed at the end of the day just does a little bit more for the soul. We can all appreciate that.


Unless…you aren’t sleeping well.


Now that you’re here, is it safe to assume that you’re ready to tackle that incessant snore and troublesome sleep apnea?


Right. Let’s do this.


Convenience is key

Our approach to fixing your nighttime breathing problems includes performing a sleep study. Unlike sleep centers where you’re forced to spend the night in a foreign environment, we offer home sleep studies to ensure the results are coming from your nightly routine within the comfort of your own bed. But due to our expansion into the use of remote care, our home sleep study program is expanding as well to offer an even more convenient experience.


ADVENT goes virtual

As part of ADVENT’s new virtual care platform – ADVENT Virtual Visits – the goal to offer remote care goes beyond your phone or computer screen. The home sleep study equipment will now be delivered to your door and allows you to ship the equipment and data back to us without having to drive to your ADVENT location. The equipment is small, light, self-administered, easy to use, and meets all standards for home sleep devices by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. At the end of the study and your results have been analyzed, your care provider will help you map the rest of your journey to breathing well and living better.


Hold on to hope

We know that it’s frustrating having breathing problems. We also know it’s even more frustrating that due to the restrictions on leaving your home you may feel you’re unable to get the care you need. But you shouldn’t lose hope. ADVENT is bringing the care to you through ADVENT Virtual Visits and a more convenient home sleep study program because at the end of the day, the patient always come first.


Take the first step to improving your life.

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