Hope's Life at ADVENT

At ADVENT, we support personal and professional growth. See how ADVENT gave Hope the tools to find her passion. Grow with us today.
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May 15, 2019
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July 11, 2019

At ADVENT, we support personal and professional growth. Here's how ADVENT gave Hope the tools she needed to find her passion:

"ADVENT represents a dream; an opportunity for people to feel better. Also, it gives the opportunity for their employees. If you have a passion, they will give you that opportunity to grow.

My name is Hope Duncan, I am the Reimbursement Services Supervisor and I have been blessed to be here for four years.

For me personally, they gave me an opportunity to go places that I never thought I could. They trust in you and they give you faith. It's, like, here's your task, I have faith in you to do it and they'll give you the tools and the support to do it; to achieve your dreams.

Before I was at ADVENT, I worked for a couple of different things. My first career was in retail. I sold cosmetics and from there I had a family and started working at a healthcare clinic as the patient services rep. When I started there, it was a new office and they gave me the opportunity there to be the patient representative, but to fall into billing and coding and I found that I had a true passion for that. I loved it and I worked there for 11 years. The opportunity came for me to come to ADVENT four years ago and t be the supervisor. Back then, there were just two of us and now I get to manage a team and we make a difference in making sure the patients understand their bills and give them great customer service.

Here we're a team. we come together. We hunt for solutions and we make it better.

We don't have to; we question everything, but we find the solutions for making it a better experience for the patient. I think it starts at the top. They lead by example and if you have that at the top, it's wonderful and there's a great leadership here.”

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First published by ADVENT on
May 15, 2019
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Hope's Life at ADVENT