Putting You First,
Not Insurance

We've removed the insurance barriers from your medical care...

Where In-Network And Out-of-Network Costs Can Be The Same

Why should your insurance company dictate where you get your medical care? We've removed the barrier of extra costs that insurance companies pass on to patients. In-Network, Out-Of-Network, or no insurance at all... we have affordable sleep and sinus solutions designed for you.

If you have questions about insurance we have a team ready to help: 414.771.6780

In-Network or Out-Of-Network, We Work With Almost Every Insurance Plan

ADVENT Health Insurance Illinois
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In-Network Insurance

We are In-Network with almost every insurance plan. Most people just pay a co-pay.

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Out-Of-Network Insurance

Why should your insurance choose your doctor? For most out-of-network plans, we keep your out-of-pocket costs affordable, just as if you were in-network.

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No Insurance

"No insurance" shouldn't mean "no healthcare." We have plans designed to get you the care you need without being a financial burden.

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Focus On Feeling Better, Not Medical Bills

We understand your financial concerns with medical treatment. To help you navigate the complexity of insurance, we offer:


  • Cost Transparency: We'll work with you to determine what your out of pocket
    costs will be...before your treatment begins.


  • Holistic Billing: You won't be flooded with confusing bills. Once you've completed your treatment plan, you'll get one bill. That's it. *


  • Payment Flexibility: Nothing should stand in the way of improving your quality
    of life. That's why we have financing and payment plans available to fit almost any lifestyle.


* One bill 120 days after you begin your treatment.

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Still Have Questions?

Chat with an ADVENT Specialist to see if we can help with your sleep & sinus issues...no strings attached.