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2022 Resolution: Put an End to Your Snoring Once and For All

2022 Resolutions: New goals for a new you, but why not start by fixing your snoring?

We're a couple of weeks into the new year. A new year with new hopes, new dreams, and new goals to reach for...

By the way, how is that resolution you set for yourself going? 

Did you know that of the folks who set a New Year’s resolution, only 64% make it 1 month into the new year having kept it? More than half of Americans resolve to be healthier — exercising more, eating better, losing weight — yet only 9% of them feel successful keeping it by the end of the year. 

There are many reasons people fail with their resolutions. A third of people fail because they don’t track their progress. Nearly one in four forget about their resolution all together! And a whopping 10% of people are overly ambitious and claim to have failed because they have made too many resolutions. 

And in a recent study, 35% of participants believe they’ve failed at achieving their New Year’s resolution because their goals were too unrealistic.

A Snoring Resolution: Fix Your Snoring Once And For All

We have good news for you… A resolution that’s easy to keep, impossible to forget, and has realistic and achievable results: It’s time to resolve to stop your snoring once and for all!

Snoring can be caused by a variety or combination of issues — enlarged turbinates, engorged tonsils or uvula, chronic sinusitis, sinus cavities that are too small… What happens is when we go to bed laying flat on our backs, our muscles relax as we fall asleep, including the throat and tongue. The muscles collapse in on themselves, shrinking and obstructing your airways. The loud, rattling sound we hear when someone snores is air fighting to get through these restricted paths.

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And the snoring struggle doesn’t start and stop at the pillow. It’s common for chronic snorers to also suffer from dry mouth and sore throat, headaches and brain fog, fatigue and drowsiness — in addition, much more severe illness and disease, as the stress it puts on the body can lead to things like stroke, heart failure, diabetes and other surprising consequences.

Resolve to Stop Snoring and Sleep Sounder

We can help fix your snoring by correcting the issue at its root cause. Many superficial treatments to stop snoring, like nasal breathing strips, special pillows or other gimmicks, only treat the symptoms of a deeper issue. These are not long-term solutions. 

Our simple, 20-minute procedures are exactly what many people need to put a stop to their snoring for good. Fixing your snoring could be the easiest thing you resolve to do this year — easier than giving up chocolate, easier than learning to play guitar, and way easier than training to run a half-marathon! 

We’re pretty confident most patients find more success with their care from ADVENT than they do with shallow New Year’s resolutions! The most difficult thing is to resolve to take action… so take that first step by scheduling an appointment today.  The skilled ADVENT ENT surgeons can perform minimally invasive procedures, right in the office, that leave patients feeling relieved, with little to no pain or downtime. 

So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to your rampant snoring — as much as we were all ready to say goodbye to 2021schedule your Breathing Triangle evaluation now. Simply click the red button and let’s set you off into the New Year healthier and snore-free! 

Let's Put Your Snoring To Bed This Year...

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