ADVENT Patient Portal

Your Guide to the ADVENT Patient Portal

Note: Your ADVENT Patient Portal must be activated (through the e-mail sent to you) before you can access it here. Need help? Please call us at: (888) 938-3838.

Through your ADVENT Patient Portal you will be able to:

  • View your upcoming appointments
  • View your visit notes and treatment plans
  • View your medical records and medications
  • View your sleep study interpretations
  • View your CT and treatment planning interpretations (images not included)
  • View your pathology results
  • Update your medical history

How to activate your patient portal:

You will receive an email to activate your ADVENT Patient Portal. Please activate your patient portal within 72 hours. If you need help, please call: 888.938.3838

To help you get started, here are simple
step-by-step instructions for common tasks:

Download PDF Instructions

How to access your visit notes:

  1. Select 'Appointments' from the top navigation bar
  2. Select 'Past Appointments' from the side bar
  3. To view your Visit Notes, select the blue hyperlink with the date and time of your visit
  4. To download or print the notes, select the 'Download' or 'Print' buttons in the document viewer

How to access tests and results:

    Select 'Results' from the left bar of the appointments screen OR select 'Tests and Results' from the top navigation bar

How to request records that are not accessible through the ADVENT Patient Portal:

  1. Select 'Messages' from the top navigation bar
  2. Select 'Compose Message'
  3. In the 'To' field, type in or select 'Medical Records' from the drop-down menu
  4. In the message field, indicate which records you would like our staff to process for you
  5. Select 'Send' to send your request to us

Accessing records outside of the ADVENT Patient Portal:

    If you are having difficulty accessing your records in the ADVENT Patient Portal, you can also request records by filling out this form:
    Request Medical Records

Did you know? Once you activate your ADVENT Patient Portal, you can also access your medical records on your smartphone. Simply go to the app store and download the APPatient App.