Let's get you ready for your appointment with a Sleep & Sinus Specialist

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Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step to finding relief for your sinus & sleep issues.

At your first appointment, you’ll meet with a Sinus & Sleep Specialist where you’ll notice our first priority is to listen. We want to know your symptoms, struggles and goals to determine the best treatment plan for you. You’ll also get a thorough Breathing Triangle Evaluation to help identify any underlying issues that may be causing your issues. From snoring to sleep apnea…sinus headaches to nasal congestion…allergies to runny nose -- we’ll help to get to the root of your problem so you can find relief.

Please complete these 4 easy steps at least 48 hours before your appointment:
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STEP 1: Upload Your Insurance Card

Let’s avoid any billing headaches and make sure we have your insurance right. Please upload your insurance card once your link is sent via text (or email.)

A friendly reminder, we can’t bill your insurance if we don’t have a card on record.

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STEP 2: Activate Your Patient Portal

Your Patient Portal is your ‘one-stop’ for all your info, including reminders, results, and notes. Watch for an email with an invite to activate your portal. Click the link in the email and it will guide you to your portal. Remember to activate within 72 hours of getting the email.

If you can’t find the email, it might be hiding in your spam folder. Having trouble? Give us a call or chat us on our website.

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STEP 3: Fill Out Your Patient Portal

Yep, paperwork made easy. Once in your Patient Portal you can fill out your paperwork in less than 5 minutes. Please complete all items marked with a red asterisk BEFORE your appointment. If not, arrive 15 minutes early and we'll help you complete it.

Once your Patient Portal is set up you'll be able to view upcoming appointments, visit notes, medical records, medications and more. Here is a Step-By-Step Guide to Your Patient Portal.

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STEP 4: What To Bring To Your Appointment

Here are a few things you’ll want to bring to your appointment:

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    Your Insurance Card & Photo ID
    Just in case there are questions
  • yellow checkmark icon
    List of Your Medications
    Include the dosages if you can
  • yellow checkmark icon
    Your Insurance Copay (If you have one)
    You can pay by credit card or check

That’s it! 4 easy steps and you'll be ready for your appointment. We look forward to seeing you.

If you have any questions on the above steps, please call us, we’re here to help: 888.938.3838

See you soon!

- The ADVENT Care Team

Frequently Asked Questions:

I can't find the link to upload my insurance card?

No worries. We’ll send you a new link. Just give us a call: 888.938.3838

I’m having trouble uploading my insurance card. What do I do?

If you're having trouble uploading your insurance card, give us a call and we can help you: 888.938.3838

How can I check to see if my insurance is in network with ADVENT?

Easy! Check our in-network insurance lists below. If you’re still not sure, call us and we’ll help you sort it out: 888.938.3838

Wisconsin Insurance

Illinois Insurance

Indiana Insurance

Minnesota Insurance

Why won't the link to activate my Patient Portal work?

For security reasons, the link to activate your Patient Portal expires after 72 hours. If it has expired, just click the 'forgot password' link and enter your user name (your user name is your email address) and a new link will be sent to you.

I can’t find the email to activate my Patient Portal?

The email will be sent at least 2 days before your appointment. It may be hiding in your spam folder. Still need help? Simply give us a call: 888.938.3838

How do I save and submit my info in my Patient Portal?

Once you hit 'save' in the Patient Portal your information is automatically submitted. Once you reach the 'Family History' page (last page in the Patient Portal) hitting 'save' will submit your information. Note: Once your info is saved and submitted this page also refreshes so your information will disappear.

What can I expect at my New Patient Appointment?

At ADVENT, our goal is to uncover the root cause of the issues you're experiencing. The first step in this process is with a Breathing Triangle evaluation which includes a thorough exam of your nose and throat with an endoscope (a tiny camera on the end of a thin flexible tube). The endoscopy procedure is virtually pain-free and only takes a couple minutes. This procedure allows your medical provider to examine the inside your nasal airway to better diagnose the root cause of your issue. You and your provider will then discuss the diagnosis, as well as next steps, which may include a CT Scan or Home Sleep Study.

Do you treat children?

ADVENT specializes in treating patients 12 years of age or older. If your child is under 12, please consult their pediatrician for a referral to an ENT who specializes in treating children.

Do you treat ear issues?

No, we do not treat ear issues. We are laser-focused on treating issues of The Breathing Triangle, including nose, sinuses and throat. If you are having issues with your ears, please consult your primary care physician for a referral.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule?

We get it. Life happens. Call us and we’ll help you find a better time or cancel your appointment: 888.938.3838

Do you offer interpreters for those who don't speak English or are hard of hearing?

Absolutely! We provide free aids and services to people who may find it a challenge to communicate effectively with us. This includes sign language interpreters, non-English interpreters and written communication in various formats. Simply call us to request this free assistance: 888.938.3838. You can read our Non-Discrimination Policy here.

Other questions?

We can still help.

Simply give us a call: 888.938.3838