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Rest assured! We know that any type of medical procedure might cause a little anxiety. Not to worry though, we’re here for you. That’s why we’ve developed the most non-invasive, in-office treatment options available anywhere. In fact, most patients are surprised at how quick and simple it is...some say it’s easier than going to the dentist!

How it works

How to Prepare for Your In-Office Procedure

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Appointment Confirmation Text: Eight days before your appointment we'll text you to confirm your appointment time.

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Medications: To help speed your recovery, there are three over-the-counter medications that you'll want to have on hand prior to your procedure.

Sometimes your physician will recommend a mild sedative be taken before your procedure. If this is the case, the prescription will be sent to your pharmacy one week prior to your appointment. (Please note you cannot drive when taking this medication.)

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What to avoid before your procedure: Please avoid drinking alcohol 48 hours before your procedure and taking any unprescribed anticoagulant (blood-thinning) medications such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen 1 week before your procedure.

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After Your Procedure: Most patients are surprised by how easy and pain-free in-office procedures are. Generally, they last less than 20 minutes and patients have very little downtime. You can return to normal activity right after the procedure, but we recommend taking it easy for the rest of the day.

what to expect...

During Your Procedure

Yay! It’s finally the day to get your sleep and sinus issues resolved! The process is really quite simple...

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment.
  • You’ll be taken to a treatment room where your nose will be numbed using nasal spray and special cotton strips with a topical numbing agent.
  • Your physician will meet with you to answer any additional questions you might have.
  • They’ll then talk you through exactly what they’re doing as they perform your procedure(s).
  • During this time, you might feel a little pressure in your nose, but most patients experience very little pain.
  • The entire procedure(s) generally takes less than 20 minutes.
  • And that’s it! In less than an hour’s time, you’ll be on your way to living a better life.
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Alan ADVENT Patient


“The procedure was quick; went boom, boom, boom and it was all done...I’m very glad I did it, I wish I had done it 20 years ago!”

Care At Home...

After Your Procedure

Care at home after your procedure is really quite simple. Most importantly, you’ll want to keep your nose moist. This helps your body recover more quickly. Your provider will give you specific instructions to follow, generally, this includes daily use of nasal rinses and sprays.

Care At Home Instructions
Still Have Questions?

Just Ask. We're Here to Help.

We get it. Questions pop up. Our #1 goal is to ensure you get the care you deserve to finally resolve your nagging sleep or sinus issue. If you still have questions or concerns...we want to answer them. We have a team dedicated to answering your questions. Call us any time, we’re here to help: 888.938.3838

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Jessica ADVENT Patient


“I had the procedure and three years later I’m still able to breathe better. I’m not snoring. My husband is still back in bed with me and I’m just enjoying life much better!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does recovery take?

Most patients experience very little (if any) downtime. You’ll want to take it easy the day of your procedure, but you can resume normal activity the next day. It is recommended to avoid any excessive or strenuous activity for 48 hours after the procedure. You may feel like you have a slight cold or sinus infection for a few days, but congestion should start to improve within a week.

What do I have to do at home after my procedure?

Occasionally your provider will order prescription medications. These prescriptions will be sent you to your pharmacy one week prior to your appointment.

Care At Home Instructions

Will I need medications for my procedure?

Occasionally your provider will order prescription medications. These prescriptions will be sent you to your pharmacy one week prior to your appointment.

Medications For Your Procedure

How do I know if any of my medication is a ‘blood-thinning’ medication?

These medications may inhibit your blood’s ability to clot. The most common blood-thinning medications are Aspirin and Ibuprofen. If you are unsure or if another doctor has prescribed these medications for you, please call us: 888.938.3838

Blood-Thinning Medications

What do other patients have to say about their procedure?

Everybody has a unique physiology and may react differently to our in-office procedures. However, after performing tens of thousands of them, we hear two things consistently:

1: “I can’t believe how easy that was.”

2: “I wish I would have done this years ago!”

Want to hear more of what patients have to say?

Common Questions Answered By Real Patients

Can I travel after my procedure?

Yes, flying on a plane will not impact your recovery from the procedure.

Andy a Real ADVENT Patient


“I’m enjoying my life the way I want to enjoy it. I feel comfortable and confident doing things I might not have otherwise done. And so that’s huge...Today life is just better.”

We’re Always available to answer any questions. Please call us: 888.938.3838