Who’s More Tired of Your Snoring: You or Your Family?

What’s the one medical condition you can have that actually makes people mad at you? One that can cause tension, animosity and resentment? That's snoring...
Who's More Tired of Your Snoring: You or Your Family?
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February 3, 2022
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February 3, 2022

What's the one medical condition you can have that actually makes people mad at you?

…One that can cause tension, animosity and resentment?

…One that can drive your spouse out of the room, or cause your loved ones to throw pillows - and even elbows.

…One that can cause them to kick you out of bed and force you into another room.

The answer: Snoring.

That's right, snoring is considered a medical condition. It's something that is not only harmful to your physical health, it can also be harmful to your mental health and interpersonal wellness. The hardest part about snoring is you can't control it - you likely aren't even aware of it or how severe it may be!

Although it cannot be controlled, snoring can cause conflict within families. Snoring can transform your family, just like Jeckyll and Hyde… loving, patient and understanding by day. Angry, disgruntled and desperate by night.  

Many people come to ADVENT because they're tired of being elbowed in the back or in the ribs during the night - and they're tired of hearing about it the next day. It may seem dramatic, or maybe even a bit hard to believe, but snoring has been known to create rifts in relationships.

Is Snoring Getting in the Way Of Your Relationships?

Oftentimes, when people are ridiculed for their snoring, they get defensive because deep down they're embarrassed. They can fall into deep despair, feeling belittled and unwanted by their own family.

They don't want to snore. They don't choose to snore. And they don't intend to wreak havoc on everyone under their roof. If they knew how to fix it, they would in a heartbeat!

Relationships can be complicated enough -- they don't need the added stress and strain from a lack of sleep.

Snoring often causes couples to sleep apart. When no one is sleeping well, tensions build. Then tempers flare. He's awake, she's awake. The kids are awake, the dog is awake. Everyone is fed up and tired, both literally and figuratively. Many times sleep partners are forced to rely on the dreaded sleep divorce: when one of them is driven out of the room, forced to only ever sleep on the couch.  

Don't Worry There is a Snoring Solution...

You can finally solve the thing that's causing so much conflict in your home by treating the root cause of your condition. Visit an ADVENT ENT clinic today to get to the bottom of your snoring. Your visit with one of our providers will help you assess your current state, what's causing your snoring, and the simplest route to take to treat it.

1 in 4 American Couples Sleep in Separate Bedrooms

The skilled providers at ADVENT take time one-on-one with you to examine your Breathing Triangle® — the space where your airways connect — and explain to you exactly what you’re up against and what you’ve been dealing with. With our simple, quick, and highly effective in-office procedures, most patients experience tremendous results they never knew were even possible. 

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February 3, 2022
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Who’s More Tired of Your Snoring: You or Your Family?