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Take advantage of ADVENT Oconomowoc's complimentary 15-minute assessments on 9/21 for your sleep and sinus concerns.
Sleep and Sinus Care Day
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September 20, 2022
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September 20, 2022

Matt Peters, Nurse Practitioner, went on The Morning Blend to talk about Sleep and Sinus Care Day in Oconomowoc and how to sign up for your complimentary consultation on 9/21

Molly: Welcome back to The Morning Blend. It's frustrating when you can't breathe through your nose, whether it's allergies, daily, congestion, snoring, or even worse - sleep apnea. It is our continuing series sleep well, breathe well with ADVENT.

Tiffany: Matt Peters is a Nurse Practitioner with ADVENT joins us now to talk about an event that they have at a brand new location where you can get an assessment for free. Good to have you here, Matt.

Matt: Good Morning. Yeah, good morning. We're opening a new location. So we opened in Oconomowoc in 2018. It was our third location. But it was really small. Anyone that's been there, knows, we were like begging for room and now we finally have like a built out ready to go - big spot with all the things that we need to take care of the patients from start to finish.

Tiffany: It really is. And I know you guys are offering a complimentary assessment and that's why there is a QR code in the corner there for people who haven't used one before you just hold your camera up to it. You don't have to take a picture. You just hold the open camera to it. And a link will pop, pop up. You click on the link that pops up on your screen and that'll take you to register for an assessment.

Matt: Yeah. So in celebration of the new clinic location, we're offering free 15 minute consultations. So you get to sit down with a medical provider, kind of talk through what your issues are and if we can be of service to you. We even have availability to move right into a new patient visit that day. On a limited availability, you know, we can't do that for everyone, but you know, if it seems like it would fit, a lot of times, we can just slide you right into a new patient visit.

Molly: Pretty cool. What I love about you growing out of your space in Oconomowoc is that, you've got a new clinic that is designed really to meet those standards from the ground up.

Matt Right. So we were in a small building in Oconomowoc and now we have services for allergy that will be there shortly. We'll be able to kind of do all the things that we do at some of our bigger locations. Yeah. Right there. It's, as you can see a beautiful location and it's right next to a Starbucks. We get to have some fun signage cuz the Starbucks drive through whips right around. So we have some we have some fun, little words on the, on the door to talk about how tired you are in the morning when you're getting your coffee.

Tiffany: Yeah. You needed your coffee cause you didn't sleep well. Maybe you have sleep apnea

Matt: There might be something else. So yeah.

Tiffany: Good points. I love it. So what's gonna be happening during the sinus and sleep day, cuz this is a whole event based on trying to get people help and understanding breathing better.

Matt: Sure. So the first, so ribbon cutting is gonna be at 9:00am for our official opening. We've been seeing patients there for a couple of weeks now, but then we'll have 15 minute consultations throughout the day. As well as some new patient availability as well. So really just, a place to start your journey to, to get you to breathe well and sleep well.

Molly: It's what everybody wants. Right? Absolutely what you all need. I'm wondering if people are at home thinking, oh, I wonder if this would be a great thing for me to visit. How do I know if I would be a good candidate for an assessment like this?

Matt: So, you know, that's really like if you have questions, come in.

Tiffany: You're a good candidate if you've got questions.

Matt: Right. If you're not sleeping well, at least, we want you to breathe well, we want you to sleep well. That all starts with that. You know, if you have nasal congestion or problems breathing through the nose, sinus pain or pressure, problems with snoring, which a lot of people do, or just sleep that's not making you feel well in the morning. You know, those are all good places to start.

Tiffany: This is something you use to teach people about just breathing in general. It's The Breathing Triangle®

Matt: Yeah. So The Breathing Triangle® is really the way Dr. Kandula thinks about someone's nose or some of their airways. So, you've got three holes to breathe through your face, two nostrils and your mouth.

Tiffany: Why are they so close?

Matt: You know, if they're not working well, you're not gonna be able to sleep well. Or, function throughout your life. So, really our job is to get all three of those holes in your face working well.

Tiffany: I imagine so many people come in and just say, I wish I'd done this sooner. You know, they wait so long. Even people I know in my own life, who've waited so long to get help and then are like, why did I wait? But what happens after the assessment? So people know if they, if they take that step to come in, see the new location, maybe get the free consultation and talk to you. What happens then after that?

Matt: So we always start with a new patient appointment, whether it's gonna be, you know, on Wednesday or whether it's gonna be at a different time. We'll kind of look at your nose, we'll do a full assessment of the throat and kind of start with diagnostics. You know, really it's the thing that opens it up is looking with a CT scanner, looking with a sleep study, kind of see what's going on and what we can what services we can help to get you breathing and sleeping well.

Molly: That's fantastic. Now in terms of the assessment in this, this event, that's specifically related to the Oconomowoc location, cuz many people know that ADVENT has other locations. Yeah. But this is specific to Oconomowoc.

Matt: Specific for Oconomowoc. So it's only gonna be at our Oconomowoc location. And that's really just in celebration of really having the right space to see patients.

Tiffany: If somebody wants to make a different location, their home base, can they still come for the free assessment?

Matt: Absolutely. Yep. So if they want to come in and, you know, get the free consultation and then go elsewhere, that's fine. Okay. You know, we have 13 locations now, so a little bit different. When I started, we had two and you know, that was seven years ago.

Molly: You've grown a lot. Look how far you come, baby. And what do people say after they're able to breathe better? Especially people who can sleep again and they're not having snoring issues.

Matt: I like to say it's always low hanging fruit. Like the stuff we do in clinic, like just makes people's lives better. You know? Like it's life changing, truly being able to sleep well and wake up rested and have energy to live your life. It really is pretty, pretty markedly different for them.

Molly: Yeah. Life changing for sure.

Tiffany: Yeah. You guys do a lot there and I know you're the first line that people really work with as the Nurse Practitioner and you guys do so much cuz we've been in there before, so thank you. It was great to have you here, Matt. Thank you.

Matt: Yep. Thank you so much. Appreciate it.

Tiffany: Absolutely. If you are available, take advantage of the sinus and sleep care day at ADVENT's newest location. It's in Pabst Farms in Oconomowoc, they're giving complimentary consultations, as we mentioned on Wednesday, September 21st. You can scan that QR code on your screen or go to to take advantage of the event. And if you can't make the sleep and sinus care day, schedule a new patient appointment at one of ADVENT's 12 other locations, including Wauwatosa, Mequon, Oak Creek and Pleasant Prairie. They also have offices in Appleton, Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota. Most insurances are accepted and there is no referral required.

Molly: They're everywhere, everywhere. Right? Easy, easy to do.

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September 20, 2022
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