Robert's Sleep & Snoring Story on The Morning Blend

Robert's Sleep & Snoring Story on The Morning Blend
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Published on
June 7, 2021
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December 30, 2021

Before he went to ADVENT, Robert's snoring and sleep issues were costing him time with his family. Dr. Kandula went on The Morning Blend to talk about simple solutions to this all-too-common problem.

Tiffany Ogle:
And welcome back. Well, for those who struggle with daily fatigue or find themselves sleeping on the couch because they snore just too loud, we've got a little help for you today. One in four couples sleep apart because of sleep issues. This was the case for Rob. Take a look.Rob:
A year ago, I started noticing that I was waking up and not feeling rested and I would be tired all day. I would come home and just sit on the couch and not do much. I was taking time away from my family, taking time away from my kids. And my wife started noticing that I was snoring. So we decided to go ahead and do something about it. The first time I came into ADVENT they all knew my name right away. They made me feel at home. They made me feel comfortable. ADVENT is different because I wasn't just a number. They cared about me and my outcome. The staff here really wanted to find a solution to my sinus problems. They didn't want to just mask the symptoms. They want something permanent that would last. Since the procedure, my wife has not noticed me snoring and I haven't been sleeping on the couch. I can breathe. I'm not sneezing 85 times a day. And I have energy. I'm not waking up my wife every night. If you're thinking about coming in to ADVENT, just do it. It's going to make your life a lot better. It made my life so much better. They're really friendly here. They're not just going to force you to do something you don't want to do. They're going to come up with a solution with you.Tiffany Ogle:
Well, we know there are a lot of other people like Rob, who are struggling and needlessly suffering, as well. As part of our Breathe Well, Sleep Well series with ADVENT, founder and CEO, Dr. Madan Kandula joins us with simple in-office solutions for all these issues. So good to see you, doctor.Dr. Kandula:
Good to see you. Thanks for having me.Tiffany Ogle:
Absolutely. You know, I think so many people can relate to Rob. I love how raw he was just in telling his story, because just knowing that there's one in four couples who have that experience, he talked about his low energy, sneezing, 85 times a day, you know, just not being able to spend the time with his family he wanted. I'm sure you hear things like that all the time.Dr. Kandula:
Yeah, I mean, it's so, so common. It's the reason why I'm here this morning is to really, you know, get the word out. I mean, a lot of folks are sort of struggling through life. Sometimes they know what's going on. Sometimes they can connect it back to the fact that, geez, the fact that I'm snoring at night may be connected to the fact that I don't have energy during the day, those sorts of things. Other times it can be kind of a mixed bag of things. And so if somebody knows doesn't work, if their throat doesn't work, it is going to impact your life, period. End of sentence. There's just no question about it. It's just a matter of how it's doing that and how do we get you on the other side of that?Tiffany Ogle:
It's true. And I hear this a lot because I feel like you guys coined this term, "the sleep divorce" for people who are now sleeping in separate rooms or on the couch or whatnot because of snoring. Is this a pretty common issue? I feel like I hear it more often than not these days.Dr. Kandula:
Yeah, it is. I mean, I think that concept is becoming more and more kind of prevalent. The number one reason for folks going through a sleep divorce and not sort of choosing to do that willingly is snoring. So without question, snoring is a wedge that can be driven between a couple. And, you know, I always like to say, there's a reason you guys got together to begin with. And so if snoring, which is a nuisance, it's a nothing-good-about-it kind of a thing is putting a wedge between you and your partner, that isn't healthy. That isn't, you know, sort of sending you guys in the right direction, and there's things you can do about it.Tiffany Ogle:
Yeah. This is going to lead to resentment, right? It's better to get back into that intimacy. I like it. So, okay. Here's the thing. I think one of the things he talked about that was so clear is that ADVENT, how his approach was personal. And he said, I really felt comfortable here. You know, what makes you guys different than some of those big box approaches of just other healthcare systems?Dr. Kandula:
The simple thing is this is all that we do. This is the only reason we exist. The only reason we exist is to provide solutions for folks who have issues in these areas. So folks who can't breathe through the nose, folks like Rob, who are snoring and are on the couch--that's why we exist. And so that creates a high bar for us to deliver results, deliver solutions and big box health care, you know, snoring, sleep apnea. It may be, you know, number 1,000 on the list of things that they deal with. And you're going to get treated like your 1,000th in a line, you know, waiting for something. So again, for us, it's finding the right solution for each individual and it cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. It has to be a one-size-fits-one approach. Everything needs to be geared to what what's going on with somebody. Why is it there and how do we get that problem solved?Tiffany Ogle:
I fully agree and we're almost out of time, but I just want you to address what if somebody says, you know, I just don't have time right now to go to ADVENT. What would you say to them?Dr. Kandula:
Yeah. I mean, you know, there's always an excuse that you can put in front of the life that you're supposed to have. And I'd say, "get rid of that excuse" is sort of a simple message to just do it. I mean, with us nowadays, it's so easy. People can see us online. They can see us at any of our 10 clinics that we have throughout the area. It's simple. The first step is oftentimes the hardest step. And I'd say though, just like Rob did, if you could take that first step and start moving in a forward direction, we'll take your hand and we will guide you through and do our best to get you over the goal line.Tiffany Ogle:
Well, and like you said, it's all you do. It's so good to see you, doctor. Thanks for joining us today.Dr. Kandula:
Thanks for having me. Thank you.Tiffany Ogle:
Absolutely. All you have to do is go to to schedule online in just 60 seconds. Most insurances are accepted. There's no referral that's required and there are five Southeastern [Wisconsin] locations. There's Wauwatosa, Mequon, Oconomowoc, Oak Creek and Pleasant Prairie. And then they also have offices in Appleton and the Chicagoland area. So check them out. Don't wait, get your life in order.

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June 7, 2021
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Robert's Sleep & Snoring Story on The Morning Blend