Removing Barriers for New Patients on The Morning Blend

You’ve been self-diagnosing, living in the pharmacy aisle, or dismissed by dabbling doctors. Get the answers you deserve with no strings attached.
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Published on
April 9, 2020
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November 16, 2021

Life shouldn't get in the way of treating sinus, snoring and sleep apnea concerns, but it does. If you find yourself in the pharmacy aisle with every seasonal change or on the verge of a sleep divorce because you or your partner snores, it’s time to listen up.

Madan Kandula, MD is on The Morning Blend to tell viewers how, within this world of uncertainty, you can now get the sinus, snoring and sleep apnea answers you’ve craved but have been afraid to ask because life, insurance coverage, cost or time commitment has gotten in the way.

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First published by ADVENT on
April 9, 2020
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