Molly's Story on The Morning Blend

Molly's Story on The Morning Blend
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May 3, 2021
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September 2, 2021

For many moms, putting yourself first can feel impossible when you're juggling the day-to-day, but Molly decided to take control of her health because she wanted to be the best mom that she could be.

Welcome back. Moms are always juggling so much, and sometimes they're so busy that they neglect their own health. And that's exactly how it was for one local mom, until she finally decided to do something about her chronic sinus problems.

I came to ADVENT because I was experiencing recurrent sinus infections. I just felt like I wasn't really getting anywhere with my primary care physician. And I thought, well, you know, you see a specialist for so many other things, so, you know, why should it be any different for your health? The physician that I saw at that time recommended if, you know, if this is something that continues to happen, you might want to consider getting a scan because maybe there's something else going on. I had another sinus infection came back and decided to try the scan. And what they found is that there really was something going on. There was, you know, something physical that it doesn't matter how many antibiotics that you take. The only way to truly resolve what was happening was to actually kind of like open up the airways and clear it up that way. So I decided to schedule a balloon sinuplasty. I remember afterward, even though you had gone through something, I took a deep breath in and out and all of a sudden I realized, wow, I can breathe. Since the procedures, I have more energy because I'm not straddled with all these different sinus infections. And so it just gives me the energy to kind of be the best mom that I can be, which was really important to me, going into the procedures. ADVENT was definitely able to support me even through billing, you know, especially when you're dealing with insurance and medical procedures. I mean, usually it's over your head, you know, it's, it's really complex. But what was great about ADVENT is their billing specialists. They took care of me through the entire process. I lay in bed at night and I'm just in awe at the amount of air that, that I'm able to breathe in and out each night. And, and I haven't had a sinus infection since the procedure.

Amazing. There are too many people out there like Molly, that was the name of that mom. So today as part of our sleep well, breath well series with ADVENT, how to find relief, founder and CEO, Dr. Madan Kandula here with more on a simple office solution for sinus issues. Good morning to you doctor.

Good morning. Good morning.

You know, Molly mentioned in that story that we just saw that she had these chronic sinus infections, but I wonder if there are other symptoms that people notice other than just frequent infections that are a sign that there might be a problem.

Yeah. You know, the sinuses can be kind of great masqueraders meaning that some folks will find trouble with infections. Other folks will just feel congested. Others yet, headaches and fatigue. There's all sorts of things that can sometimes be brought back to what's happening in the sinus. Many, many people don't know that these areas exist and these areas can be very, very impactful. So just because you don't have an active sinus infection doesn't mean you don't have sinuse issues.

Well, and it sounds like Molly was frustrated seeing a primary care physician, not getting the answers perhaps that she wanted. And I wonder how often you see this because I'm guessing they do things that we all do at home, which is take over the counter medications or use different things to find relief, but not really solving the problem.

Yeah. I mean, you know, primary care docs are, they've got a thousand things to kind of keep an eye on and the sinuses and the nose isn't one of their areas that rises to the top of a lot of times. So, you know, many folks suffer needlessly, many folks go in and, and seek to get attention and care for their issues. But unfortunately it just sort of gets kind of dismissed-says, "Hey, take an over the counter medication. Here's antibiotic kind of go away." For us, this is all that we do. All that we do is take care of these issues. And for us, therefore, it's, it's super important to get to the bottom line, the root cause of what's going on. And then our goal is to solve that root problem. It's not putting a bandaid on it.

Yeah, and find that relief. You know, you're a surgeon. And if I'm being honest with you, I think sometimes it makes people nervous to see a surgeon because they think, well, I'm going to need surgery then. And we heard Molly describe how easy this treatment truly was. Is it in your opinion, as easy as Molly described,

It really is. It's remarkable. We've been doing it for a while, so it kind of loses some of its newness to us. But what doesn't lose the newness is seeing folks like Molly having life changing events with a simple in-office procedure. So yes, all of the docs at ADVENT are surgeons, the least likely thing that our docs are going to be offering you is a surgery in an operating room, which sounds kind of weird. So when we're doing balloon sinuplasty, it's an office-based procedure just takes a few minutes to do, opens the sinus openings that are shut and it's a remarkable change. And again, when we see it on our side, it's great. But then for folks to go out and live the life that they're supposed to lead is a wonderful thing. And we are appreciative to be part of that.

I love that you picked a mom to share today's testimonial because we're so busy and we keep making the point that we ignore our health. So I love that you highlighted her and that she found long lasting relief and that it was fairly easy for her to tolerate and recover.

Yeah, it's great. I mean, moms, dads, I mean, everybody suffers. I think certainly though moms tend to kind of put themselves on the back burner a lot of times, you know, taking care of kids and you know, the house and all those other things and work, so there's many reasons to sort of put this off and delay. The nice thing though with how we have our solutions is it's something that you don't need to really miss a beat. I mean, we can take care of you. We can get something done, get to the root cause and, you know, really get back to your life as soon as possible, and then get back to the life that you're supposed to have.

I love it. Great to see you this morning, Dr. Kandula.

Great to be here. Thank you very much.

Absolutely. And today ADVENT just released some additional new patient appointments online for Morning Blend viewers so that you can have the opportunity to be seen this week. So you can go to to schedule online takes just 60 seconds. Most insurances are accepted. No referral is required. Milwaukee area locations are in Wauwatosa, Mequon, Oconomowoc, Oak Creek and Pleasant Prairie. They also have offices in Appleton as well as Illinois.

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May 3, 2021
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