Making Your Health a Priority on The Morning Blend

Making Your Health a Priority on The Morning Blend
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March 28, 2022
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March 28, 2022

Dr. Kandula went on the morning blend to discuss why the demand for ADVENT services has grown and how it's easier than ever to get to the root cause of sinus and sleep issues.

[Molly] First up this morning, something very important we have learned during the past two years, and that is making your health a top priority.

[Tiffany] Yeah, it's our continuing series, Sleep Well, Breathe Well with ADVENT, and we are over the moon excited to welcome guests back into the studio. That's right. We've got Dr. Kandula, Madan Kandula, joining us live and in person. He is the founder and CEO of ADVENT. And today we're going to be talking about getting to the root cause of sinus and sleep issues.

And we had to have our best dressed guest as our first guest on the show. Right? Good to see you and your suits again.

[Dr. Kandula] Thank you. It's good to be back. It's good to be back.

[Molly] I'm surprised he'd subject himself to the torture of us always talking about how he's dressed, right? It is great to see you.

[Dr. Kandula] It is. Two years is a long time. Yeah.

[Tiffany] Do you remember when we had you walk the runway for your best dressing skills.

[Dr. Kandula] Long time ago.

[Molly] Yes!

[Dr. Kandula] That was a long time ago.

[Tiffany] Yes, how's it feel to be back on the couch?

[Dr. Kandula] It's good. It's good. It feels good.

[Molly] I think it's great to see you. I mean, I can't believe how long it's been. We actually had some video we had to pull because it was one of- I think this might have been your first visit or one of them for sure. 13 years ago.

[Tiffany] Look at you!

[Molly] Oh my gosh.

[Tiffany] Oh, you, baby face there.

[Molly] That was 2009. Is that right?

[Dr. Kandula] Could be. That sounds right.

[Tiffany] Yeah, that was pre-me. I was 2009, so it was before that.

[Molly] Okay. Yeah, because that was with Alison there. Alright, let's talk now- I mean, so much has changed for you. How many clinics do you have?

[Tiffany] You only had one back then.

[Dr. Kandula] We had one. We had one for a long time. So we, now we have 12 clinics. We just opened- we just partnered with a practice in Indiana. So we're now in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.

[Molly] Congratulations. Healing people in the tri state area.

[Dr. Kandula] Yeah, exactly. Which is. Great.

[Molly] Well, not only that, but you opened four of those during the pandemic. So what do you think is like your secret sauce in doing that? Because I feel like your success is outstanding.

[Dr. Kandula] Thank you. You know, it's been- our success is owed to our patients who have issues that they're frustrated with. At the end of the day, you know, when you can solve a problem for somebody who's been frustrated, they tell other people. And you know, it's it's sort of the old school way of going about doing things. But it's simply a matter of people are really suffering, tired of suffering and, you know, happy to get relief.

And we are growing to try to get closer to them to allow them to kind of experience our care.

[Molly] Good for you. Here's the thing that I think about sinus and breathing problems like this, and we look often at this breathing triangle. I think it's the kind of thing that people are so likely to treat with over-the-counter medications and to do it for years and years and years without understanding the root, the real problem.

[Dr. Kandula] Sure. Yeah. I mean, and it's so mistreated that we actually had to come up with with a paradigm which is this breathing triangle, which is the nose and throat. We put the graphic up there which is- it's so memorable, but it's so impactful. And it's almost ridiculous that this most important area of the body doesn't even have a name.

Yeah. I mean, it's the nose and throat, and that's what you describe it as. But if people don't recognize the profound impact of these areas, this is the most important area of your body. If your nose and throat aren't working properly, you cannot live. If your nose and throat are not working properly and they're just sort of partially working, you're going to be impacted.

And so many people suffer needlessly. They suffer. They can't breathe through their nose properly. They snore. They have sleep apnea. They have these issues and they're struggling. And so they go to the pharmacy and they look at the aisle try to find some help and it's not going to be there. And really, it's just trying to get to the root cause of what's going on, admitting that, okay, yes, there's something that's not right.

And I want to do better for my life.

[Tiffany] Yeah, I agree. And I like the breathing triangle better than like combine it like 'note' or 'throws', you know, combining... So what do you think signs are? Because as you mentioned, I think people can see themselves in the aisle looking at the medications. So what signs do you tell people are something that's chronic or something that needs a doctor to look at versus just a topical medication?

[Dr. Kandula] Yeah. I mean, I think if you're struggling, so if you can't breathe through nose. And so another way to say is your mouth breathing at all, you've got a problem so that includes at night, you shouldn't be breathing through your mouth. You should be breathing through your nose. And so if you're breathing through your mouth, that's a problem. If you're snoring when you're sleeping at night, that's a problem.

If you're stopping breathing when you're sleeping at night, good lord that's a problem. So many people that's happening to them and it happens so regularly that it just sort of sneaks up on you. It's just day after day that's your life, that's your lot in life. There's nothing you can do about it, and there is something you can do about it.

You can say enough is enough and do something.

[Molly] Yeah. So the problems are things like stroke, and heart attack, which are so serious. I mean, not being able to breathe correctly at night is not just an inconvenience to your bed partner, it's something that could have really detrimental effects on your health. But I think we want to hit on the good news, and that is what you just mentioned.

You can get to the root cause and you have treatments in office that can change and correct this problem.

[Dr. Kandula] Yeah, absolutely. You know, if somebody's suffering with these issues, then as we said, they've got blockage in their nose and throat. So what do you do if you have blockage? Well, you open those areas up. And how we do that at ADVENT is we first listen and listen to try to understand what's going on, where is it going on?

We look. We can look with imaging in the office in just a matter of seconds to see what's happening behind the scenes. It's so simple.

[Tiffany] It's so simple. You don't feel it because, you numb it, it's amazing. Yeah.

[Dr. Kandula] And quick and it's so impactful for us to know what's going on and then we can do something. And, you know, we understand our patients desires and needs and we therefore, you know, bend our practice to them. And so if somebody has an issue, their passengers are blocked up. Our first level of intervention, our first place we going to look to go is can we do something in the office?

We do something under a local anesthesia. Can we open these areas up? Almost all the time we can. And almost all the time that's a major impact of something that's sort of so simple in our hands and so impactful for our patients is something that you get passionate about, which is why I am so passionate about it.

And you want to get that out to all those people who could benefit.

[Molly] We ran out of time, but I want to mention that you have this breathing triangle quiz, which is new. It's the first I've heard of it, but it's an opportunity for people to quickly go online and just assess real quickly if they have the problem or not, correct?

[Tiffany] Get some Captain Crunch. Eat it. And if you can't breathe through your nose-that's what my brother says-you hear it through your mouth...

[Dr. Kandula] You've got a problem.

[Molly] Yes. Thank you so much. This is such great information.

[Dr. Kandula] Thank you. Thank you.

[Tiffany] Could save a life.

[Molly] Save a life your own or someone you love. Here's the deal. Do you have a breathing triangle problem? Go to to take the new breathing triangle quiz. You can also schedule an appointment online in just 60 seconds. Most insurances are accepted and no referral required.

[Tiffany] We're your referral.

[Molly] Just say Molly and Tif sent you.

[Tiffany] Yeah, yeah.

[Molly] There are Milwaukee area locations in Wauwatosa. Mequon, Oconomowoc, Oak Creek, and Pleasant Prairie. ADVENT also has offices in Appleton, Illinois, and now Indiana. Congratulations.

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March 28, 2022
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Making Your Health a Priority on The Morning Blend