Ivan's Story

Ivan struggled with snoring his entire adult life. Learn about how he improved his sleep and transformed the lives of everyone around him.
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March 21, 2019
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August 20, 2021

Ivan struggled with snoring his entire adult life. Here's his story and how he transformed the lives of everyone around him:

“I suffered from snoring pretty much my whole adult life, and the last probably 10 years has gotten to where I was stopping breathing and really scaring my wife and keeping other people in the house away. The sleeplessness is what got me the most and what scared me the most was how tired I was all the time.

I heard about ADVENT through the radio commercials. I said, ‘They sound like that's what they do, that's what they specialize in. Why don't I go there?’ I wanted to go someplace where I could get the problem fixed. Done. End of story. This is the problem, this is the fix, improve your life. Move on.

My quality of life is just so different now and better than it was before. I couldn't believe I went to bed, fell asleep and woke up the next day with no interruptions, rested and had so much energy. Friends and family would say, ‘What are you on right now?’ I'm on sleep. I'm awake. I've got all this energy and it's just an amazing thing. That's every day. I'm exercising more now. I've got all this energy to do things that it's natural. It's not because it's a Red Bull energy drink or coffee. It's just natural energy to do stuff and to know when I go to bed every night, I'm sleeping and waking up without all these interruptions.

My wife has come in the room to check and see if I was still awake or alive because it was so quiet. I don't make any noise and everybody's happy, not just me. It really improved everybody's life in the house.

It is so transformative. You don't know how bad your life is before until after and how much it's affecting everything you do, your energy levels, the way you think about work or your family or friends. It's a bigger problem than anybody would think, and if anybody's thinking about it, they should get it fixed.”

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First published by ADVENT on
March 21, 2019
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Ivan's Story