Deep Dive: The One Mile Project

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July 1, 2020
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July 1, 2020

ADVENT is pleased to announce it is Sponsoring TEAM One Mile for the 2021 Race Across America.

- Right so, again, I want to thank you guys for the sponsorship for One Mile. One Mile truly is a growing social media network of leaders that are out there in their communities, inspiring and motivating people and leading by example, and really trying to improve the quality of life. our missions are very similar, if you peel it back to that.

- Yeah.

- You're trying to help people on the physical side, living a better quality life. And , we're trying to just lead by example, to get people active and to motivate, to be active in their communities , to embrace the world of sport.

- Yeah.

- And we're doing that through again, very similar here, we're doing that through leadership because the leadership, the ones that start at the top have the influence at their at the local level. So, that's what we're looking for. So, what we've done is we've taken, social media platform, and we've decided to put all of our social media energy into our first event,

- Okay.

- In our first event, is scheduled for June of 2021. And, that event is Raam better known as Race Across America. Race Across America has been been a been a race, I think for 30 some years, so the race itself is not new, what's new is what we're bringing to it. And, we're bringing in a person diverse team, of different athletes, different backgrounds, different types of athletes. So, Raam as a 3000 plus cycling event puts the fear even into our athletes. Because, as an as an athlete, we're very good at training for a specific event. But, this event will take us every bit of six plus days. So, you start to the challenges of lack of sleep, the challenges of a 24 hour, six day race, the challenges of all the different environments, from the hot to the cold, to the rain, to all the things that we'll run into. So, it really plays a much bigger role than just trying to go to an event in a sense, either show off, or show that you've got athletes, it's really going to an event to show that you're, not willing to quit.

- Yeah. And, perseverance is more important than anything, are kind of our motto, if you will, is never give up. And, with that, some of our focus will be, on the military side of our membership, in its addressing the high rate of suicide, but also the high rate of addiction, the high rate, of PTSD, all those things that play a role in kinda plague, again, whether they're their former military or former professional athletes, or just people in general. And, as they get older, they just start to struggle a little bit on purpose.

- Sure.

- So, that's part of the reason that we chose that, we've got a couple charities picked out, so along the way we will work to raise money for charity. But again, your sponsorship, what that does is it really is, it's the fuel to our tanks.

- Yeah.

- Without you believing what we're doing, this wouldn't be possible. It's 100% funded by the donations by the charity set by the sponsorship side of it. It's all voluntary, none of us are getting paid for anything, so it's really just putting our time and our effort into it.

- Right. But aligning ourselves with someone, that believes in what we' re doing.

- Yep.

- That works, and that's where it's powerful. And, that's why from actually a co-founder, Chris Bachman and I are the co-founders, but from our standpoint, the gratitude now, for them, and this will be something that nobody will ever forget,

- Right?

- And we have some of the top athletes in the world and what they do, and they too will never forget this. We have a former 2016 top American triathlete. When he came on board. He was a little bit apprehensive, a little bit nervous. Because again, this is way outside of his comfort comes from.

- Right.

- Yeah.

- And, this will be, we like use the word epic, this will be epic.

- Right.

- So again, from my standpoint, I couldn't thank you guys more.

- Awesome.

- Thank you. No, it is awesome. And, I think it's easy and we were talking about sort of vision and vision setting and I'd say, we're sitting here in June of 2020, vision setting out to June of 2021. And, will see what the truth is, just with us talking, about obviously we've had conversations, about the concept previously but I'd say I yeah, I do this a lot internally as I call my shots I'm gonna call this shot June, and thereafter 2021 this thing is going to be massive, and that's awesome yeah, I guess it's awesome here this is where. It'll be awesome then but I'd say the build up, and the journey to make that possible, is a bit of the payoff and I but I'd say, that it's also like a building block, to you set your vision to where you want things to go, and you do it and then you're gonna do it obvious, we gonna do it and then it becomes like okay, well we did that let's up that bar, and that's where building something with purpose, and with mission and with like mindedness is powerful.

- Absolutely.

- And that's a good thing.

- Gosh, I hope you guys are filming all of it too, like that whole build up and drop everything.

- Absolutely.

- 'Cause will so like looking back on it, there'll be so much cool stuff to, distract out of that.

- So, you're right we've got a plan, the whole build up to plan so a 12 month build up plan, but we also are planning a documentary, for the same reason to kind of capture, and again it's not capturing me on a bike, it's capturing what we go through behind the scenes, what it really takes.

- Sure.

- The the conflict resolution, all those things, that happen in everyday life, right? In whether it's in business or at home or with friends, but the complexity of of working as a team, getting along, especially getting along, when everything is not going right, or you're not feeling it.

- Sure, absolutely. Because again, there are no preset times, nobody gets to just ride in the sunny afternoon, every day.

- You didn't all that. You should have called them. if they weren't preset time, I would have called them. But, because of the rotation, when your time to ride is up.

- Yeah. And, it doesn't matter if it's three in the morning, and it's raining out.

- Yeah it's your time.

- If it's your turn you are on your bike, and we all realize that whether it's injury or just discomfort and all those things that play a role in this but again, if you look at our collective missions, of just not giving up having a purpose, and believing that this is where we need to get, we'll get there. No matter what sure is powerful.

- Sure, it is.

- And you you alluded to something else, right? This is kind of our first big event. But, we hope to have other similar events, maybe different venues, maybe different athletic type of events,

- Sure.

- But equally powerful and equally challenging, in our own different ways. And, we'll tap into the bigger picture of the One Mile group.

- Yeah, that's awesome.

- So it's cool, it's very cool.

- It's cool, it's exciting. Yeah, we'll see how things play out, but it sounds. I think the reality will be. I don't think you can even picture it right now, 'cause it's one of those things where you start sort of just start seeing that first part, and I know you have a vision beyond that, but it's just gonna. Sometimes, least from my personal experience is, the vision you have when you're a small minded thinker, like I am, isn't as big as it should be. what I mean? Like.

- Oh,

- Once you get to kind of oh, okay, this is both doable and awesome. And, then it puts you in a position to do something that seems a little bit like, it would have been undoable, impossible, to think about it from the ground level and I think that's where you start building those things up and its power.

- Yeah, where I see that too, though, is if you look at the new business , right? You're in a position now to be able to sponsor and help us.

- That's right.

- I'm sure there were years back where there were would have been, hey, as much as I believe in you.

- Exactly. I want to begin to, we're in this phase right now, where we're just locked up. So exactly. So, you're trying to get to that next level, where you can start to help and give back and understand in and again, it goes back to believing in the mission, believing in the purpose and when it aligns to what you're doing every single day, it feels right.

- Yeah.

- And then it goes back to then it really is powerful. And, it's really, again, we're trying to accomplish. It's exciting. And, by the way, next June 19 or so, either of you have six days off,

- Bring my kids along and it'd be good lessons.

- Sure.

- I've thought about bringing my son. I have six year old son and I thought about bringing him as much as it's a grueling event. To be able to share it.

- Yeah. But, also, again, from an amazing lesson of being there firsthand to see it.

- Right. We'll see if that happens.

- Right. And again, what I've heard is the crew side, is more difficult than the rider side. So, I won't make either of you commit right now.

- I mean, we talk a lot, he talks a lot but I mean it channels from him and through leadership, but like grit.

- Yes.

- And that's a good way to encapsulate what that is.

- Yeah.

- You can't teach that unlike learning.

- Sure

- And, can't and then you know from an athlete standpoint, you can't train for it either.

- Right.

- So it'll be again, it'll be an epic event will be epic, emotional once in a lifetime thing for us.

- Cool. But, but again, I've noticed it a few times. But, without the help and the sponsorship, it's a few on our tank. So without that now.

- Thankful for we've been able to

- we wouldn't be , we'd be talking about it. I wish we weren't posted we are.

- Nice.

- Yeah.

- That's awesome.

- Yeah its great stuff.

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July 1, 2020
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