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Not Your Average

ENT Clinic

Not Your Average

ENT Clinic

ADVENT knows the inability to breathe or sleep well interferes with your ability to enjoy your day-to-day, leaving you feeling miserable and left out of your own life. As pioneers of the ENT field, our goal is to offer expert care that accommodates not only your needs, but your busy lifestyle as well. It’s frustrating to search for and not find real relief to your breathing and sleeping concerns when you need it. With ADVENT you'll receive the care you deserve. The search stops here...


99 percent referral rate-ADVENT

99.7% Referral Rate

Percent of ADVENT patients who would refer a family, friend or colleague

First to offer-ADVENT

First to Offer

We were the first ENT in Wisconsin to offer Balloon Sinuplasty, in-office Balloon Sinuplasty, ClariFix®, Polypvac, PROPEL® Sinus Stent Placement, VIVAER® & in-office CT scan


1,300+ Reviews

ADVENT has helped over 31,000 people breathe well and sleep well. See what they're saying:

Focus On Feeling Better, Not Medical Bills

We understand your financial concerns with medical treatment. To help you navigate the complexity of insurance, we offer:


  • Cost Transparency: We'll work with you to determine what your out of pocket
    costs will be...before your treatment begins.


  • Payment Flexibility: Nothing should stand in the way of improving your quality
    of life. That's why we have financing and payment plans available to fit almost any lifestyle.
9 out of 10 patients happy with ADVENT

9 out of 10 Patients

Wished they would have come to ADVENT sooner to address their sinus or sleep concerns

Award winning-ADVENT


BizTimes Health Care Heroes, Milwaukee Magazine Top Doctors, Business Journal Fastest Growing Firms & Best Places to Work



Internationally sought-after ENT practice for best practices and medical device consulting

“My wife used to wake me in the middle of the night when I’d stop breathing. I’d tell her, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll breathe again … eventually. It was aggravating. There’s a lot of ‘cons’ to a CPAP machine. To me, I didn’t have sinus problems, I just had breathing problems. The procedure was quick; went boom, boom, boom and it was all done! I’m very glad I did it, I wish I had done it 20 years ago!”


“Every time I would go to a sleep clinic, they would say “you need to figure out how to work your life into this now.” Then I stumbled upon ADVENT…they worked with me to develop goals and gave me options. It was a discussion not a prescription.”


“ADVENT is different because I wasn’t just a number; they cared about me and my outcome. The staff here really wanted to find a solution to my sinus problems. They didn’t want to just mask the symptoms; they wanted something permanent that would last.”


“Night and day, again suffering probably 30 years ago with just the sinus infections and the constant stuffy nose, thinking it was just going to be a hereditary issue that I had to live with, to fast forwarding to now, where realizing it was something that could be easily corrected and the change was noticeable right away.”


“Friends and family would say…what are you on right now?  I would just say I’m on sleep, I’m awake, I’ve got all this energy. And it’s an amazing thing. And it’s every day.”


“Before my procedure, I had a lot of headaches on a regular basis – I was missing work, not able to participate in my kids lives or family social life and those have gone away. It’s been very life-changing as I got my life back and I am able to fully engage and enjoy the things we like to do as a family.”


Breathe Well. Sleep Well. Live Better.