Pending your concerns and end goals, conventional endoscopic sinus surgery may be appropriate over in-office solutions. At ADVENT we give this sinus surgery an unconventional twist.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Insurance Coverage

Given the complexity of insurance, we have a team of specialists ready to guide you throughout the process. ADVENT does not require a referral and is an in-network provider for many insurance carriers. Visit our Insurance page for a list of in-network providers.

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Endoscopic Sinus Surgery at ADVENT

Employing image-guided surgery, ADVENT Sinus and Sleep Surgeons precisely target the blocked areas and open them with refined endoscopic techniques.

Step 1

The Breathing Triangle

Your first visit is focused on finding the facts to ensure we understand the root of your Breathing Triangle problem. This is critical to establishing a proper care plan to help you reach your goals.

Step 2

in-office CT scan ADVENT

An in-office CT scan will help us get a greater view of your anatomy. During that same visit, a board-certified physician will immediately review the results with you and discuss a personalized approach to alleviating any nasal obstructions that may be the root of your sinus concerns.

Step 3

Sinus Surgery ADVENT

Surgical navigation enables ADVENT Sinus and Sleep Surgeons to pinpoint the affected areas for treatment with extreme accuracy, while avoiding healthy tissues

Step 4


A less aggressive approach than that of surgeons schooled years ago, it spares healthy tissue and bone. More targeted, less invasive procedures produce faster recoveries.

“Before my procedure, I had a lot of headaches on a regular basis – I was missing work, not able to participate in my kids lives or family social life and those have gone away. It’s been very life-changing as I got my life back and I am able to fully engage and enjoy the things we like to do as a family.”


A Specialized ENT Doctor Experience

We listen and understand your frustration from prior ineffective treatment. Here's what to expect at ADVENT:

  1. A solutions driven experience - never band-aids that provide you temporary relief. 
  2. A proper evaluation of The Breathing Triangle®. ADVENT specializes in nose and throat issues.
  3. A proven process. ADVENT developed The Patient Journey™ to reach simple, efficient solutions to your nose, sinus, snoring and/or sleep apnea concerns.

Find out if you are a candidate for endoscopic sinus surgery.

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