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What is the Snore Monster?

New to ADVENT, but as old as mankind. We introduce to you, the Snore Monster.

Snore Monster in Bed

When you struggle with the inability to breathe and sleep well, aspects of your life suffer- your productivity at work, your energy levels, and especially your relationships.


We’re here to tell you the snoring is not your fault. You have a Snore Monster living with you.


The Snore Monster is awakened by the noise that occurs when air flows past the relaxed or softened tissue and muscle in your throat. The tissue vibrates as you breathe, producing what we know as snoring. Oftentimes, snoring is associated with weight gain, loss or aging, and sometimes out of your control.

The Snore Monster provokes frustration, resentment, anger and embarrassment and you’ll go to extreme lengths to get rid of it. You’ve made countless trips to the pharmacy aisle and tried every pill, spray and strip on the market. You’ve even gone as far as a sleep divorce.

At ADVENT, we coined the term Snore Monster because we understand your frustration, and you’re not alone. Nearly 90 million Americans have a Snore Monster living with them.


At ADVENT, we’ve pioneered simple, in-office solutions to help you get to the bottom of your sleep concerns and put the Snore Monster to bed for good. It’s time to ditch the temporary fix and get back into bed.

Take the first step to improving your life.