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Our Mission To Put Patients First

Nobody wants to go see the doctor. Why would they? Insurance hassles...endless paperwork...surprise bills...inconvenient appointment times... Why does going to see a doctor have to be such a horrible experience? The short answer...

It doesn't. At least, not anymore.

We get it. Patients simply want three things:
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1. Answers...
To the root of their problem

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2. Options...
For what treatment choices best fit their goals

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3. Solutions...
So they can get on with living their best life

"ADVENT isn't breaking the mold on healthcare...we're smashing it"

Traditional healthcare forces you to jump through endless hoops. Then they force you into treatment that may be best for them, not you. This leaves you feeling frustrated and dismissed. Plus, you're left with a confusing bill and, oftentimes, an empty wallet.

And to make matters worse, the root cause of your issue may not even be fixed.

We're on a mission to prove that it is possible to put patients first in healthcare. That's why we've removed all the typical hassles and barriers that keep patients like you from getting the treatment you deserve.

You focus on feeling better...not all the hassles

We're Defanging Your Insurance Card. Why should that little plastic insurance card -- tucked away in your wallet -- dictate where you get your medical care from? That little card holds a lot of power. Too much. That's why we're removing the insurance barriers from the medical care you deserve.

ADVENT Help Your Snorer

100% Cost Transparency

Insurance is complicated. We have a team trained to cut through the insurance red-tape and uncover any surprises hiding in your policy's fine print. We'll work with you one-on-one to ensure you know exactly what your out of pocket costs will be before your treatment begins.

ADVENT Help Your Snorer

Simple Billing

In traditional healthcare, even minor medical treatment can result in a tidal wave of baffling bills. We've eliminated all the complexity from billing and make it simple and easy. Once you complete your treatment, you'll get one single, easy to understand bill. That's it.

ADVENT Help Your Snorer
ADVENT Help Your Snorer

Payment Flexibility

We understand...sometimes getting the medical care you need can be a financial challenge. We believe, nothing should stand in your way when it comes to improving the quality of your life. That's why we offer financing and payment plans to fit almost any lifestyle.


You should be in control of your medical care. Yes, we're In-Network with almost every insurance plan -- in fact, most people just pay a co-pay. But, if you are out-of-network, or don't have insurance, we can still help. We have plans designed to get you the care you need without being a financial burden.

Proud To Be Labeled Medical Mavericks. At ADVENT, we're on a mission to prove that there is a better way to do healthcare. No, we don't have all the answers, but we'll challenge the status quo without hesitation, and always do what's right for the patient. We firmly believe this is the right thing to do because we hear it time and time again from patients..."You've changed my life..."

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